Zelda's Apocalyptic Future Is Dangerous, Take This

The Legend of Zelda is set in idyllic Hyrule. But what if things in Hyrule weren't so pastoral? What if Zelda was set in the future and all of Hyrule had gone to shit?

Then it might look something like this. Website Dogbomber is in the process of redesigning Zelda so that it looks closer to something you'd find in, say, Fallout.

"I've always wondered what Hyrule would be like in some strange, parallel, bombed out universe," wrote Sean at website Dogbomber. "For the most part, I tried to stay true to the already established universe, keeping in mind certain mechanics and plot points."

There are character designs as well as setting and weapons.

Of course, Zelda games don't always have pastoral settings — take Wind Waker, in which Hyrule is underwater.

More of Sean's art in the link below.

[Edit: aw man it didn't go all the way through] [Dogbomber]

Post Apocalypse Zelda, Part 2 [Dogbomber]


    Doesn't look very much like Fallout to me so much as it does Desert PUNK.

    Which actually sounds pretty awesome now that the concept has entered my brain.

    I've always personally dreamed of a cyberpunk-ish Zelda game, but that's an idea that could easily become pretty idiotic if it wasn't done well.

    "What if Zelda was set in the future and all of Hyrule had gone to shit" that's like half the story of ocarina of time

    You know that possible Retro Studios Zelda that Miyamoto talked about?

    Hire this artist and hop to it. There's work to be done here.

    Just when you thought Power Rangers RPM abused the 'post-apocalyptic' cliche to be dark and edgy... someone thought Zelda deserved it too. Hey guys, not everything needs to be Batman Begins. There's enough room in this world for whimsicality and sincerity without having to turn everything poo brown.

      I don't think you truly understand what 'post-apocalyptic' really entails, particularly if you're using Batman Begins as an example.

    Why has no one pointed out just how freaking awesome this is? The art alone is great, even if you dislike the idea. Also, i'm not seeing much brown, so...Pastelpocalyps? Yus!

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