Zelda's Song Of Storms, Recreated

Artist Erik Schumacher didn't paint this striking image of Link atop Epona. It's not a photo either. It's a little bit of both, something called "photomanipulation".

What that means is he took dozens of existing images and smashed them together. Like a collage, only, seamless. Then he joins them all together with trimmings like Link's hat, the Ocarina of Time and the Triforce.

The piece is called "Song of Storms".

You can see more of Schumacher's striking works at his DeviantArt page, linked below.

Song of Storms V2 [DeviantArt, via Svalts]


    Take note Nintendo.

    Apart from the feminine Link, this looks great...

    Have people not actually heard of or understand photomanipulations? Feels like we're being talked down to here, is all.

    It's a pretty nice 'shop. Has a real Skyrim feel imo, haha.

    I don't think link's hair is that long.

    I still can't tell if the article was written with a sarcastic tone or what. Such a high percentage of concept art these days does exactly the same thing... is this a surprise to anyone?

    Not saying its bad at all, but think about the job. Why would a company pay someone to paint in every blade of grass or brick in a picture? It makes perfect sense to use photos.

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