101 Seconds Of Soulcalibur V, Which Sure Seems Better Than IV

I played a little bit of Soulcalibur V today. I recorded some of it, cut out all the parts where I lost horribly, and made this video for you to watch.

I've got glimpses here for you of the story, the character creator and the excellent new Critical Gauge. Plus, I've got Ezio fighting for you.

Soulcalibur V drops in the U.S. on January 31, in Europe and Japan later in the week.


    Well I'VE got an error in place of a video. So there!

    I played a bit of Soul Calibur V today as well. Ezio is lots of fun to play as!

    404 error Kotaku!
    but Gamespot's On The Spot played SC:V for a bit looking at some of the different characters and what not

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