20 Things That Happened On The Internet In 2011

This image is pretty slick. Incorporating memes, events and — yes — video games into one cool image, this is an attempt to shoehorn the entire internet of 2011 into one image!

Apparently there are 20 'things' in this image, and I reckon the Kotaku community can easily spot them all. Particularly since there appears to be more than a few video game references.

Have at it folks!

Thanks Gizmodo!


    A few of the obvious ones:

    Nyan cat, Duke Nukem Forever, PSN going down, Lulsec, Wikileaks, Steve Jobs's death and the Egyptian revolution.

      Also Dennis Ritchie's death (the guy at the computer with "Hello World").

        Forgot "Friday" and the Facebook feed thing (I guess that's when they changed how the recent news etc thing worked?)

          also about the Facebook feed being printed on what looks like a receipt paper roll, could be indicating the hoax/rumours that spread about Facebook turning into a paid service

        Add Rebecca Black and is that ment to be Minecraft behind the hello world computer?

          Nope, it's Sword and Sworcery methinks.

            I think so.

            The Darth Vader is probably from the Super bowl commercials with the Kid Vader. The honey badger is the honey badger YouTube video (check know your meme for that one).

    I only got 3 :(

    nyan cat
    lulzsec hacks
    wikileaks cable release
    duke nukem remake
    Friday by rebecca black
    anonymous hacks on psn
    egyptian prostests and voting rights stuff over there
    bradley manning being jailed
    google+was released
    not sure what the facebook means... probably all the usual controversy thats been happening.
    Steve Jobs death (apple with bite in it next to wireframe glasses)
    not sure what some of it is about...

      from gizmodo: Sword and Sworcery the 8 bit character on the mountain
      and also the badger is a meme...
      "hone badger dont care"
      after more looking the facebook may be the "controversy" of the second stream of stuff on the top right corner in FB?
      and also darth vader is in there...
      it could be that kid from that car ad?

    Where's Osama Bin Laden (to rest :D ) ?

      They didn't kill him on the internet


    So, I see Duke Numem Forver finally being released in the bottom right, in the top right we have Rebecca Black's Friday. Down the middle is Nyancat. Bottom left we have lulzsec in some kind of boat that I assume is a reference to Piratebay. I assume that's Wikileaks up there next to Friday. Of course there's a honey badger down next to Duke too.

    aaand... I recognise other stuff but can't fully explain their origins, so I'll leave them be.

    Coloured circles = Google+
    The latest Greenpeace ship: Rainbow Warrior

    The apple with the bite and the glasses likely steve jobs

    Anonymous and Sony, Epypt blackout

    The circles around piratebay Google+?

      That's what I'm thinking.

    April fools day on google (on wall next to wikileaks)?

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