3DS Box Art Hints At ‘Nintendo Network’

3DS Box Art Hints At ‘Nintendo Network’

“Found something on the right”, said this Twitter user from Japan, and indeed he has: A logo for the “Nintendo Network” on the box art for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, due to release on February 12.

If it’s a new online service from Nintendo, or at least a rebranding of the old Wi-Fi Connection, colour us unsurprised. The company’s had a number of half-baked ideas about online support but seems to have gotten some traction lately, both with its offerings in the 3DS eShop and the SpotPass service serving the device.

Andriasang notes that the back of the box says the game supports premium downloadable content available via internet connection, which they say may make Theatrhythm the first 3DS game to use the paid transaction support Nintendo added in a recent firmware update.

1st 3DS game to offer paid DLC is Theatrhythm Final Fantasy now ?! [NeoGAF via Andriasang]


  • Ok… Hopes?

    I can register my Nintendo devices under a Nintendo Network account. Thus allowing my Wii games to be put on my WiiU and give me a single handle for all friends/internet related services with nintendo.

    Hoping really hard.

    • ” Thus allowing my Wii games to be put on my WiiU”

      You are hoping to a company that re re re re releases games. Good luck on that.

      • MS and Sony do that too though and still have some options to let you move some games across systems. E.g. PSP games being ported to the PS3 as separate items, PS2 games rather than being supported have to be bought as remastered versions, and I reckon MS have done it with Halo 2 if I’m correct.

        Standard industry practice I guess, consistency was never something any company was good with 😉

        • PS2 games are being added to the PSN store fool. Get your facts straight, or are you just trying to defend your shitty Nintendo as hard as you can?

  • I downloaded both those eshop demos today and I thought to myself – they’re the first Nintendo demos I’ve ever seen, back when the N64 was selling games for $110 a pop, Playstation were stuffing videogame magazines with Demo CDs, nowadays of course Demos on Xbox and PS3 a commonplace, so it’s taking Nintendo a while but they are showing signs of wanting to catch up.

    • What are you talking about, they’ve had in-store demos for years upon years! 😛

      And don’t forget the First Hunt demo for Metroid Prime Hunters, packed with the launch DS units!

      Also WiiWare got demos ages ago, didn’t they?

      • Yep!!!! And gc demo playrooms in some pubs and hospitals! Further demo videos, playthrus etc were available on cover mags.

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