6 New Challengers Appear For Street Fighter X Tekken

With Street Fighter X Tekken due out in early March, now is not the time for a tight trickle of new character reveals. That's why Capcom has dropped six new fighters on us today, three from their team and three from the opposition. Has your favourite character been confirmed?

Well that all depends, now doesn't it? If you're a Street Fighter fan and your favourite is the brutal Balrog, the lithe Vega, or the deliciously depraved Juri, then yes. If you're on the Tekken side of this battle and you favour Paul, Law or Xiaoyu, then also yes. If you're a Roger fan like me, you're still shit out of luck.

See below for a gaggle of fresh screenshots showing the new fighters in action, along with one hell of a fancy cinematic trailer featuring the match of the century: Juri versus Xiaoyu.

And those of you picking up a PlayStation Vita next month might be excited to see two new characters teased for the portable version of Street Fighter X Tekken, appearing as a pair of silhouettes in a video I've yet to finish uploading. Thank goodness for print screen.

Who are we looking at here? One of them is obviously Pac-Man, but the other? Looks like it might be Frank West from Dead Rising in a Mega Man outfit. Either that, or it's the hideous Mega Man from the old NES box art. With inFamous' Cole and Sony mascots Toro and Kuro in the mix anything is possible.

So there you have it, one massive Street Fighter X Tekken update. Looks like we're gonna have our hands full come March.


    Looking good, but dangit I want Fuerte in there already!

    Juri making it into the roster just made this a mandatory purchase for me.

    soooo, anyone betting that one of Law's alt costume is just him without the tache?And everyone would go "oh look its Fei Long"

    Every time I hear about Capcom's shitty plan with preorder, special edition and paid Gem DLC that segregates the community I keep telling myself that I'll refuse to buy this on principle. And then every time I see a new trailer or CG teaser it draws me back in. Damn you, Capcom!

      Same here... Those Capcom bastards are crafty I give them that.

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