A 3DS Modded With A PSP Thumb Pad. What Do You Think?

A 3DS Modded With A PSP Thumb Pad. What Do You Think?

Currently, Nintendo’s second slide pad solution is the 3DS Circle Pad Pro. One individual thought they could do one better. The result? This.

In order to play Monster Hunter, this 2ch forum member modded a 3DS with a PSP thumb pad, giving the Nintendo handheld dual thumb controllers. To make the whole contraption work, the USB powered thumbpad is affixed to an add-on 3DS grip.

The result is utterly hideous.

No doubt Nintendo will do a future 3DS hardware revision with an added thumbpad. And no doubt it will look better than this.

本体に自由に取り付けできる神アタッチメントを作った猛者が登場 [ge-NAVI]



  • Funny that this site was all over the 3DS admittedly poor sales at launch. Nothing wrong with that mind you. But when the vitas sales are free falling not even a word (from 300k sales down to less then 20k sales in a week)? Sure this site isnt biased? If this site never mentioned the 3DS’ poor sales hey i wouldnt even mention this but that fact that they did well lets get some consistency. Going from over 300k sales at launch to only 20k is NEWS.

    Please note i dont care about the sales numbers, they are irrelevant what does worry me is the many articles this site had regarding poor 3DS sales. Ok now the psvita has poor sales, where are the articles about that??

    Prove there is no bias on this site

          • Really? 2 articles? thats it? I remember practically every article regarding the 3ds during its first few months was how poor the sales were, how bad its doing, it was doing so bad it needed a price drop how crappy the ambassador program was blah blah blah. Notice i never commented on these articles about the 3ds, as i didnt care. However, now the psvita is showing even WORSE sales what 2 meager articles, and no mention of recent reports of psvita barely registering sales? Sorry thats hardly the SAME or consistent coverage between the 2 handhelds.

            maybe you should research the amount of articles regarding 3ds poor early sales and compare them to that of the psvita and see if they have had equal coverage.

          • Dont stop BELIEVING!

            Ohh Oh WHHHHHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Seriously don’t stop. Hilarious start to my morning.

          • You people are blind. My point isnt to do with the fact that pspvita has low numbers its the amount of coverage its given. 2 articles for pspvitas poor sales compared to weeks to even months long articles which kept on the idea that 3ds sales were poor, or not up to expectations the 3ds is doomed etc.

            Going from 300k sales down to less then 5 percent of that? Where is the death of pspvita predictions? Its sales are even worse? So you people think that 2 articles compared to the weeks to months long coverage or the 3ds supposed poor sales is even coverage. Yeah my a$$.

            Maybe you should go back to the 3ds launch and see the amount of articles it had and the Doom and Gloom articles talk it had thanks for its poor sales and compare that to your 2 articles on the pspvita. Sorry going from 3ds’ imminent failure tone to that of ‘oh pspvita sales are low’. Sorry if you couldnt see the obvious difference.

            I cant expect everyone to see it. Hey i dont even have nor intend to buy a 3ds, i have no interest in gaming on the go past my Phone. But i do read the articles here, and what i felt the opinion of the site was that the 3ds was doomed, its sales were low, the price cut was the only thing that would save it. Hey compared to the pspvitas launch things arent as bad as this site made it now is it?.

            Look if this site was going to talk doom and gloom about the 3ds’ poor sales, it stands to reason the same sort of coverage should apply to the pspvita if its sales are similar or WORSE. the last 2 pages i saw before i wrote this article didnt . Considering that this is alot worse situation then the 3ds you would expect more coverage right? Apparently not. Oh And no 2 articles in a month aint the same no matter how you people try to spin it.

          • Before you fools (who assumed where right) make another comment please go a look at the last 5 to 7 pages of the playstation articles on this site. Please find ONE, thats right ONE article regarding doom and gloom and the pspvita (and remember before the date i wrote this message). Go ahead. I challenge you. I mean cmon considering you guys are of the (flawed) opinion that the coverage has been fair and balanced, considering that the psp vitas sales are down to almost 5% or launch sales wouldnt you agree that that is a worse position then the 3ds and considering the amount of coverage the 3ds got for its initial poor sales doesnt the pspvita deserve the type of coverage the 3ds initially got?

            Too bad you people dont do your research.

          • Hahahah, maybe if you actually comprehended my comment and did some research before typing maybe you wouldnt have made an embarrasment of yourself mrbs, or is that an attempt at living up to your name?

          • The impression this site gave with the 3ds low sales was constant coverage for months and talk of the 3ds being a failure (even the hint of failure). Hey i have no problem if they have that view and if you go back to those many articles you will see i never made comments complaining of the sites tone towards the 3ds.

            Then the pspvita launches its sales drop dramatically there is NO doom and Gloom talk, no articles (2 articles is not the same) on whats wrong the the pspvita or what sony needs to do to save the psp vita.

            As you can see there is a vast contrast in the coverage. If you dont see that thats your problem. All i ask is for consistency. Both had poor sales at launch the pspvita especially. Ok so make articles discussing poor sales and the doom and gloom this site is good at. If one gets substancially more bad coverage then the other then i dont see why someone cant make mention of that descrepency.

          • The 3DS launched with zero competition. It had the whole market to itself and yet it flopped (initially). the PS Vita is launching against a (now stronger) 3DS.

            If a fighter loses a match to a more seasoned opponent then it’s not exactly news. If he were to get beaten before anyone else got in the ring, that’s different.

          • its got nothing to do with sales, its to do with the coverage and tone of the coverage. The 3ds got poor sales, the site kept on about it and had the tone it was doomed. The pspvita gets poor sales, it gets a mention but no continuous coverage and no talk of doom and gloom (besides the obvious poor sales)

          • Terrak, just because Rob game you two examples, does not mean there is ONLY two examples, he gave you those two to prove to you that there has been articles referring to the poor sales of the Ps Vita. Stop trying to change your point, dude.

          • Change my point? What? Look at the last 5-7 or even more playstation article pages, tell me where there is even a mention of the dwindling pspvita sales. Have you looked? i dont think so. If you did you would see Nothing on what is a abyssmal effort, when compared to the 3ds about the same time in its lifecycle yet the 3ds got a hell of a lot more negative articles regarding poor sales.

            Now go back to when the 3ds launched and count how many articles regarding the poor sales of the 3ds and how many Nintendo pages it occupied. Im not changing anything. The information i mentioned regarding psp vita sales are recent. 18000 weekly sales down from 324k at launch. Thats a massive difference, but no mention of it on this site. Again if in the last 5-7 pages of playstation news even made mention of this then hey you have no complaints from me. Considering how bad the psp vita is selling why did this website make a big deal of its ‘low’ sales of the 3ds when it launched huh? Isnt that worth a mention on the discrepancy?

            the point about 2 articles is mute because they are from last year. Did you by any chance look through the Playstation pages to look for negative pspvita sales news? i doubt it. 7 pages back and nothing negative about the psp vita. Why? its sales are worse then that of the 3ds which got so much negative articles regarding poor sales.

            The point is why when both had similar unimpressive launches does one get more negative attention then the other? Rob posting 2 articles doesnt degrade that fact. Neither does your attempted argument. Again i ask you to please look through the playstation article pages and see for yourself.

          • SInce you slackers wont do the research and want things spoon fed to you here are a sample of the articles regarding poor 3ds sales. I’d like you to pay special attention to the negative way the article looks at the state of the 3ds at that point in time. Compare that with the articles Rob posted which simply stated facts.


            “once ballyhooed and then dismissed for a dud,”


            “I’m as surprised as anyone considering the atmosphere of doom and gloom surrounding Nintendo’s latest handheld but, according to

            data from the NPD in the US, the 3DS is looking likely to outsell its predecessor the DS in the first year — in the US at least.”


            “Ice Ice white baby. According to Vooks, the latest colour being plastered onto the struggling 3DS in Japan is…”


            even mention talk of Nintendo dropping the 3ds and making iphone games


            “Nintendo’s decision to slash the 3DS’s price tag was sudden and desperate” ?


            “f you needed convincing that this Friday is as good as a second launch for the ailing Nintendo 3DS, look no further: alongside a

            hefty price cut the handheld will also soon be available in a new colour.”

            “Launched in March this year, the 3DS sold well initially but has since struggled to attract consumers, a lack of quality software

            and a perception that it’s too similar to the existing DS causing a massive drop-off in demand. It’s hoped that the price cut (from

            $350 to $250) and big games like the re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will help light a fire under the system.”



            “The 3DS’s recent price cut was surprising. The handheld is still new, and a drastic slash like that whiffs of desperation”

            “hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for Nintendo and, in particular, the 3DS. In an attempt to stem the tide of negativity

            Nintendo has reduced the price but,”





            “We’ve been talking about the big issues surrounding the Nintendo 3DS a lot lately. From major releases being delayed to gathering dust, the 3DS is struggling to make its mark.”


            “What a difference a couple of years makes. It seems like only yesterday Nintendo was an unstoppable juggernaut, its consoles and handhelds tearing up the sales charts. In 2011, things are a little different.

            Nintendo just put out its financial earnings release for the three months of Apr-Jun 2011, and they’re grim reading, especially for the company’s newest piece of hardware, the 3DS. In short: hardware sales have fallen off a cliff.”

            “Nintendo even failed – by about 400,000 units – to sell its hoped-for four million 3DS systems by the end of March.”


            “So far, Nintendo’s 3DS looks to be a bust”

    • Yeah – I have to agree. The Vita sales make the first month of the 3DS look phenomenal, despite releasing pre-christmas.

      That said, I kind of put the lack of coverage down to the fact the Vita hasn’t hit the West yet.

    • there will be an new 3Ds with their thumpad, in that exact spot that modded one is. And that will make those who bought launch feel even more burned.

  • Chillout Terrak. Anyone with half a brain knows that Sony handhelds are a joke. Always have been and always will be. The only people who pass on Nintendo handhelds for whatever Sony are offering are those that think quantity beats quality. (You’d also probably find that quite a few Vita owners will also own iPhones, iTouch’s and iPads or other Apple products. In other words; the tech-head equivalent of Bieber fans)

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is just pretend that Sony handhelds don’t exist. It’s what almost everyone else does.

    • I’ll completely disagree with you on this one. There was quite an advantage in having the original psp provided you had enough tech knowledge to take advantage of the hardware and (potential) software capabilities it had. If you did, not only did you have a device that could run a large number of games without any physical medium on the fly, you could run several games from other handheld devices along with a number of games that were restricted to consoles.

      Vanilla: Nintendo and Sony produce products that are equally not really worth any attention.
      Modified: Sony has produced a product that is far superior to the nintendo equivalent. (Had more capabilities)

      Would I every buy a handheld again? No I own a high end desktop, I’ve no need for anything else in order to satisfy any of my techy or gaming needs.
      Handhelds of the current gen are trashy gimmicks, the games are pathetically unoriginal for the most part, and are truly far from innovative.

    • Consistency is all i ask for. As i said before when this site was constantly complainig about 3ds’ poor initial sales i had no objection to that nor the way the gave the impression it was doomed.

      Now the psp vita is having worse sales well Kotaku start publishing articles about how bad its doing etc, its not hard, get those old 3ds articles and replace psp vita for 3ds poof! Instant consistency.

      Again the point of my argument is got nothing to do with sales or which console is better. Its about giving 2 different impresions of the same issue. 3ds bad sales kotaku says its doomed, psp vita gets poor sales ‘shhh’ lets put a few meagre articles and lets not talk about.

      Time to call them out on the blatant incosistency bordering n bias

      • All I’ve seen you do is bitch and moan constantly about this particular article, Terrak, so I’m going to give you a bit of a hand. You see, this article is written by one of the writers for Kotaku US. In fact, if you’d chosen to do the proper research that you challenged others to do for you, you’d find that all of the negative articles on the 3DS were written by writers for Kotaku US, not Kotaku AU.

        If you have an issue with the discrepancies between the badmouthing of the 3DS and the Vita, bitching on the AUSTRALIAN comments (which none of the US staff see, and the Kotaku AU staff can’t do anything about) isn’t going to get you anywhere. Instead, why not direct yourself to the US Kotaku site and bitch in the US comments? All you need to do is go to the top-right of this site, click on the Australian flag, and then click on the US flag that appears. It still won’t get you anywhere, but at least one of the US staff may see it and choose to ignore it.

        And here’s another tip for you: don’t like seeing the US articles on the Australian site? If you go to any of the articles written by one of the Australian writers, you’ll see ‘AU’ as one of the tags in the article. Click on this tag. You’ll now only see the articles written for Kotaku AU. You’re welcome.

        • No problems just wanted to prove a point. Whether it changes anything makes no difference. Its not my website. I asked if they can prove they are not biased. Well obviously at this point in time they cant. No problems just so we are all clear.

  • It’s like I’ve stumbled into /v/!

    Article about a 3DS mod? “BIAS!” “Anyone who liked Sony is an idiot!”

    I’m sure there will be a wealth of articles to post your fanboyism on once there’s a launch outside Japan. They’re probably holding off on announcing it DOA until, hey, there’s proof.

  • That is exactly where I imagined a second Circlepad would be. Nice work. Stupid, pointless power button taking up so much real estate. Should have left it on the side! But enough trash-talk, I still love my 3DS! Yay!

    • I think they put the power button on the inside to avoid accidental power on/off’s from happening due to the new StreetPass type features. This way it turns off and on when you want it to, not when something in your bag or pocket decides it should be turned off/on. ;-P

  • Why are people complimenting this shit?
    It looks hideous, is in an awkward position, not to mention that the PSP thumbstick is generally awful.

  • I like my psp and all, but seriously… I would never look at my 3DS and think “You know what this needs? This needs that older/crappier thumbstick from my psp glued to the front of it!”

    +5 for effort though

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