A Candidate For 2012's Worst Box Art... Already

And, surprise surprise, it's for a HD anthology, in this case the re-releases of the first three Devil May Cry games.

While we've tutted in disappointment at previous collections, this one seems particularly awful, especially when you look at the PS3 version's giant silver dash (the 360 one isn't too bad). There's almost as much empty space on that box as there is Dante.

It looks like a various artists album you'd buy at a servo for $5. Publishers, would it kill you to just use a single, awesome piece of art for the franchise?


    lol. I don't think it should cont, as its a HD redoo, with 3 boxarts from 3 differnt games.

    this box art has been known for a long time if I'm not mistaken... and it pretty much looks just like every other HD collection so far.

    So why the surprise?

    Once it's on my shelf, the only thing I'll be looking at is the spine. Hopefully it has a pretty spine.

    Really? You thought that was bad? I thought it looks cool.
    And the silver dash? That's on all the collections, they have it to differentiate the PS2 HD collection games from real PS3 games.

    I'd say a real candidate would be Resident Evil Revelations.https://content.ebgames.com.au/website/images/packshots/152877_packshot_v3_l.jpg

    Seriously, fuck this site, the writers know nothing about games. We've been getting these HD collections for so long now & like Aerin said they all are the same.

      Re your last line, the standard has slipped and continues to slip in the research behind and style of the articles these days.

    It's like those Chick Flick DVD packs you can buy in the supermarket

      Don't forget low budget action! One of these days I'll buy that Steven Seagal double pack when I do my weekly shopping!

    Maybe it'll be reversible like the Ico/Sotc collection - that was nice. I'd like to see a lot more of that kind of thing, and not just on HD collections.

    Urgh, looking forward to this, but I do hate to be giving Capcom money to fund their shitty new games. Maybe I'll get it second hand.

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