A Collection Of Broken, Wounded Pokémon

Pokémon don't faint. That's Nintendo blowing sunshine up your arse. They battle other creatures with elements, teeth and claws, and when one of them loses, they are beat up.

A truth artist Justin White is choosing not to ignore with this series of images showing what a Pokémon actually looks like when it comes up second-best.

Justin White [Justin White, via Ian Brooks]


    i dont even...

    Hitmonlee one is pretty good, slowpoke not so much the result of a battle.

    Possibly hypnosis?

    Reminds me of Happy Tree Friends, both the art style and topic.


    Now that's a sure fire way to make us have a depressing Friday night

    Slowpoke hurt itself in confusion? These are awesome!

    Printing and distributing these to all 5th graders!

    Gosh I'm evil

    Not bad.

    How is this anymore relavent to Pokemon or videogames in general, than pornography? :s

    Absolute fucking genius. I award the artist a million awesome points, and a jar of yogurt.


    This is awful and unnecessary.

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