A Few New Resident Evil 6 Details Creep Out

Last night, Capcom revealed the expected: Resident Evil 6. Today in Tokyo, Capcom followed up the debut trailer with an event to showcase Resident Evil.

According to Cvxfreak, Capcom said that it was aiming for the highest quality possible with Resident Evil 6. The game takes protagonists Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield from the US to "A Certain City in China" to stop a deadly virus.

Besides Leon and Chris, there is another protagonist, but that character's name is currently secret. Leon's female partner is Helena Harper, Cvxfreak tweeted.

In the trailer, there is a mutating and regenerating enemy called "Javo".

The game's gameplay is centered on fear, excitement and amazement. Players, Cvxfreak tweeted, have a wide array of moves at their disposal. Yoshiaki Hirayabashi, the game's producer, said Resident Evil 6 would have the largest scale of any RE released so far.

As Kotaku previously posted, Resident Evil 6 takes 10 years after the after the Raccoon City incident. It begins with the President of the United States about to reveal the truth behind the incident to the world at large. Unfortunately, he instead transforms into something hideous due to a bio-terrorism attack, forcing his personal friend and bodyguard Leon Kennedy to clean up the mess.

In case you missed it, check out the game's debut trailer.

Cvxfreak [Twitter]


    "Regenerating" enemy? That just sounds really annoying!

      Nothing Leon hasn't seen before.


    After playing and enjoying the demo of Resident Evil Revelations I'm pumped for more RE!

    Female partner? Ughhhhhhhhhhh
    If its anything like the stupid co-op system of 5 Im going to cry.

      If its like RE5 with co-op / terrible AI partner, then i won't be buying it... RE4 with Shadows of the Dammed game play is what i am hoping for! (if Capcom really want to have a co-op mode then by all means have co-op just also let us play through the game by ourselves without a AI partner.)

      So true, RE4 game play was sooo good then they totally ruined it with 5

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