A Mass Effect Commander Shepherd Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

Male Commander Shepherd. Female Commander Shepherd. Good Shepherd. Dickwad Shepherd. The main character of BioWare's space opus Mass Effect can be played a bunch of different ways.

But Lieutenant Commander Ferret Shepherd? Hunting, rather, ferretting out the evil Geth across the universe, no doubt.

This is the work of Amales, and check more of the Russian artist's work in the link below.

Mass Ferret [DeviantArt]


    Best. Shepard. Ever.

      It's like Redwall in space.

        I never knew I wanted this until right now.

        Badger Shepard. Squirrel Shepard.

        Goddammit, that was my comment. But kudos to you sir :P

        Though I would have thought Shepard would be a mouse?

    Aw I was hoping it was going to be an otter.

    FURRIES? in my MASS EFFECT? Bravo!

      It works! Now my secret game plan will come to fruition!

    WTB Ferret Shepherd.. at least that adorable furry face would be more expressive than the human version, male or female.

    Nice marmot!


    Spaaaaceballs? Oh &@#* there goes the planet.

    Second best shepherd.

    Lord Nigel Montgomery Shepherd Esq. is still number one.

    Rapscallion for life!

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