A Popular Oblivion Mod Comes To Skyrim

One PC gaming truism is that modders make magic, by altering the rules or looks of a vanilla game release into something shinier or more idiosyncratic. In the case of PC modder Xilver, the magic-making's literal.

A.K.A. Brian Rivers, Xilver made an insanely robust mod called Midas Magic: Spells of Aurum for Oblivion. It delivered more than 100 spells that let you conjure freeze rays, hail storms and creature summons to the game's Mages. Now, with the follow-up to Oblivion being a major PC phenomenon, Xilver's launching the spiritual sequel to Midas Magic for Skyrim, The trailer above shows of the formidable powers players will be able to wield with the mod for The Elder Scrolls V mod. You can grab Xilver's add-on here.

Skyrim Modding: Midas Magic by Xilver [BethBlog]


    Seriously, how are people doing mods this refined without the mod kit??

      Hex editing, and there's also a user-developed construction kit. Yes, already.

      Yeah, I was wondering this too. Thanks Toasty Fresh.

      I'm waiting for the Steam integration before I mod up.

        Skyrim Nexus has an excellent mod manager that will likely surpass the steam version (at least at first). Definitely worth a try.

          I've used the FOMM for New Vegas, from New Vegas Nexus. I have been assuming similar functionality in the Skyrim one, and expect more from Steam.

          (Do I sound like a PC gamer yet?)

            The Nexus one is different to FOMM in that it has a download manager built-in and you can download/install mods straight from the site and into the manager. No archives or anything.

      Beth claim to have dev'd a new engine for this game- when in reality all they did is rework the character and animation systems. It's still based on decades old x86 arc. Pretty'd-up-console-a-fied-oblivion with 2x as many bugs.

        That is why it's so easy to mod / old mods content can be reused.

          I was with you until "It’s still based on decades old x86 arc. Pretty’d-up-console-a-fied-oblivion with 2x as many bugs." First sentence is specious. Second sentence is purebreed rubbish.

    That is amazing.

    Damn looks impressive but looks so much like overkill.

    Conjure frost rays? you would of thought they would put that power in the destruction school of magic ;)

    I'd bet good money that if modders like this guy all got together and had the same budget and resources as Bethesda we'd get a way better Elder Scrolls game.

      it would be pretty amazing but i doubt it would be very balanced.

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