A Shirtless Man Holding Large, Pointy Objects

Elffi is the pride of Finnish cosplay. The 23-year-old, who is currently studying business management, represented his country at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan — which is like the Olympics of cosplay.

Whether it's Final Fantasy: Dissidia or Bleach, Elffi finds a way to bring these Japanese creations to life by either taking off his shirt or holding a large sword — or both.

Have a look through the gallery or check out more of his cosplay work in the gallery below. He makes many of his own costumes as well as those pointy things.

Elffi [DeviantArt]


    Woo males! I only know Ichigo and Ragna.

    Vash the Stampede looks sweet!! Hair needs to be more pointy though

    whoo! more cosplaying boys please!! XD

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