Activision Goes Indie With Dark Reign Redux

Dark Reign Redux, a remake of 1997's Dark Reign: The Future of War, a real-time strategy game for PC, was just published on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel yesterday, without Activision so much as stapling a flyer to a telephone pole for its marketing.

Dark Reign Redux costs $US5 (400 Microsoft Points) and was developed by Magnetar Games, which is also handling a browser-based version. This version supports two to eight players, either online or through system link. Everything else appears to be a faithful port of the original game. Armless Octopus assures us that it runs at 1024x768 resolution and has widescreen support, so it's not totally kicking it old-school.

This isn't Activision's only foray into indie territory, of course. It also runs the Activision Independent Games Competition, whose submission period just closed.

Activision Clandestinely Releases Dark Reign Redux on Xbox Live Indie Games [Armless Octopus]


    Cool. Now, can we get the bloody indie channel on Xbox now?

    I seem to remember Dark Reign being Australian-made too.

    I played the hell out of Dark Reign back in the day. Really liked it.

    Awesome. My favourite game of all time. I reckon I put a couple of hundred hours into online multiplayer. Please bring it to the PSN!

      Please bring it to Xbox as well. It's not available in Australia if it's on the indie channel.

    The indie channel will NEVER be available to us due to the expenses forced on indie companies by the ACB. Which won't be rectified for AT LEAST a few years.

    I'm going to say that word again. NEVER. Remember it.


      If that's the case, then can Kotaku please stop these articles? I got my hopes up for nothing.

    Damnit, was super excited.
    Dizzying highs make way for crushing lows.

    THIS is why we need indie xbox games in aus!! its a freaking aussie made game!

    So we can or cannot play this game?
    If we cannot, please can you point that out in the actual article, seeing it was an Aus article...

      We cannot. It's a US article, although it is reposted on the AU website, so your point is fair.

      Hi Logan!

      I don't know how you'd work it in, maybe you could have an "[editor]" style comment where you make an observation for your fellow Australians?

    Probably my most beloved of all RTS games. Setting shredders to harass the enemy while I built up a large force to crush the Freedom guard was a wonderful experience.

    Or you could make a US account, buy US MS Points on a reliable website and purchase this??? It will work on the console you initially download it to for any account (including your Australian account).

    I have a Japanese and US account for this exact reason but I play on my Aussie Gamertag.

    Best of all-worlds.

    Loved the game back in the day. Got over-shadowed by Total Annihlation, which was sad. I was fortunate enough to review it for PC Powerplay. Woot for me! :)

      Oh shit, I remember that review.
      The reason I got the game in the first place when I was kid :D

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