Adolf Hitler Cuddling Dinosaurs? These Posters Are Amazing.

Dino D-Day, a multiplayer first-person shooter released on PC last year, never really caught on as a game. Its premise, though - that the forces of the Second World War were able to harness the power of dinosaurs - was great. Something plainly obvious in these incredible promotional/propaganda posters.

They don't need to make sense. Just enjoy the fact the Nazis are marching to glory atop creatures dead a lot longer than 1000 years.

These two are probably the pick of the bunch, but to see the lot of them, head to PC Gamer.

Move over, Rosie the Riveter. Dinos coming through! [PC Gamer]


    A creationist version on how dinosaurs went extinct

    I cannot contain myself. These pictures are just awesome! lol.

    Does no-one else see the disturbing part of the article?

    "Just enjoy the fact the Nazis are marching to glory..."

      I'm actually completely disgusted at the wording Plunkett has used. Nazis in pop culture as a generic villain is one thing, but the article here seems to describe them as archetypal cool hardasses. That's wrong on so many levels.

        While Plunkett's articles are generally pretty terrible (mostly because they're barely articles), I think you're trying to read something out of this that isn't really there. I believe he was basically saying that people should just enjoy the ridiculous imagery of Nazis riding Dinosaurs rather than worrying about them technically not making sense, rather than making a comment on how or how not people should view Nazis in an overall fashion.

          Regardless of how he meant it (which you're probably right about), he wrote it in a manner that could offend people. Which it has. Me :D

    Ben There Dan That's sequel totally had dinosaur nazi's first. And it's plot made sense, involving time travel to stop the creating of a coat hanger so that Ben never sticks his head out the window 4 weeks ago.

    Someone needs to make a game out of this

      they did, its called Dino D-Day. i don't wanna sound like a dick, but first two words of the article mate

        I think he was joking. But then again, I'm 12, what do I know.

    I love how wrong that picture of Hitler and the dinosaur feels. It's like, awww, but then it's still that evil racist.

    Ded a lot longer than a thousand years? More like dead a lot longer than 100 years. Well thats my $4 at least.

    Instead of focusing on the 'dead dickhead' on the dino...just substitute another iconic historical figure of your choice in their place with whatever flag suits! It still makes the poster just as awesome if you put Ghandi, Jesus, Einstein or even Kurt Cobain in there. Try it!

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