Ah, So That’s Where Skyrim Bugs Come From

Ah, So That’s Where Skyrim Bugs Come From

Ever wonder how such a highly-polished game as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wound up with so many bugs and glitches? Dorkly has uncovered a completely fictional series of letters between Bethesda’s Todd Howard and the lead developer that may explain the situation.

All it takes is one fussy lead programmer and a slightly grump project lead to turn an award-winning role-playing game into an award-winning role-playing game filled with humorous bugs and glitches. Just one simple internal memo sent on a bad day and everything goes spiraling out of control.

Luckily for Bethesda, no one cares if their games are full of bugs and glitches. Fake Todd should really just learn how to relax.

See what happens? Look what fake Todd made fake programmer do! Now everyone is bears. Hopefully this doesn’t escalate any further.

Oh god.

Hit up the link for the full imaginary exchange. It seems completely crazy, but in an odd way it makes perfect sense.

Where Skyrim Bugs Come From [Dorkly]


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