Akihabara, Shop Till You Drop?

Spotted at Tokyo's Akihabara Station, this fellow is apparently passed out on the railing near the escalators. Never have metal rails looked so comfy.

It looks like the individual has a bag of something; it is difficult to make out.

In the background, a train speeds by, and an individual in a purple coat snaps a camera pic.

"What is this, The Matrix?" asked one Japanese Twitter user. No, this is Akihabara.

最高に気持ちよく寝ている様子 [@fakeclone via @haruka204]


    Wouldn't be funny if the poor bloke had died.

      Was going to say the same thing, didnt someone think ot check to see if his alive or hurt in some way.
      See so many vidoes coming out of Tokyo/Japan, of people being hurt and everyone just walking by, not a care in the world. (e.g. there was a video online about a little girl that was ran over by a truck in a busy street and abougt 5-6 people just walked by) ...

        Quite funny either way, really.

          That was China.

        Yeah that was China lel. Japan has a lot more respect for their people.

          Actually my sister teaches there and reckons their pretty rubbish to. Ignore each other in peril because it's "rude to interfere" or something dumb like that.

            I live there and that's absolutely right. I love the place and I hate it. Same as Australia, really (^_^)

    Just a salary-man passed out from his overnight drinking, a very common sight..

    Awesome gaming culture related news.

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