Alan Wake Arrives For PC In February, Won't Use Games For Windows Live

The makers of Alan Wake said yesterday that the PC version of the Xbox 360 exclusive will arrive in February. As it is self-published by Remedy, you don't have to worry about it using the execrable Games For Windows Live: "Games for Windows Live will not be used; we will be fully supporting the Steam platform," says developer Remedy Entertainment.

It still may be played with an Xbox 360 controller if you prefer that to a mouse and keyboard. There will not, however, be a demo for the game, whose Steam download checks in at 7.5GB. No Mac version, either. The PC version will include "The Signal" and "The Writer", the original downloadable content chapters released for the Xbox version. Unfortunately, Remedy says it won't be releasing mod tools for the game as they "are a lot more complex than they were with the Max Payne games and are based on many third-party commercial tools."

Alan Wake's PC port is being handled by original developer Remedy in conjunction with fellow Finnish developer Nitro Games. To get more answers to your questions, plus the recommended system specs, see the link below.

Alan Wake PC FAQ [Alan Wake forums]


    Awesome!! Nearly bought an Xbox over Chrissy just to play this.

    what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, “Games for Windows Live will not be used; we will be fully supporting the Steam platform,” WHAT?!?!?

    I cannot believe this, a sane decision!!!

    I never played it originally since I don't have an Xbox. However I've just been burnt too many times with developers promising the world to us. I suspect this is going to cost quite a lot considering it's a 2 year old console port.

    yay for no G4wl support, almost like a feature you can put on the back of the box.

    Nice knowing download size, lets hope same price for all and at 30 dollars as I wouldn't mind getting this but Shogun 2 FOS is coming out soon.

    If they're self publishing it, does that open possibility for a PS3 port? Or does MS still have some sort of interest in it still.

      Still one of their fabled exclusive series, especially with the sequel Alan Wake: American Nightmare anchoring their House Party line-up next month. The first game was initially supposed to be allowed on the PC too, so they probably had a little more breathing room to release this on Steam.

    While I may not play it. +1 for not using games for windows (or similar)

    Apparently Steam isn't enough for publishers. We have to prove ownership and purchasing more than once to play a damn game? GWFL basically failed as a distribution platform...WHY is it still around and finding it's way in to games?

    The only reason for gfwl sticking around has to do with the giant behind it and how they force game companies to use it. We will all be using it soon enough when windows 8 comes out :)

      The idea for a standardized dashboard for the PC like on Xbox Live isn't entirely a bad one, it's just implemented so damn badly. :S It's definitely more DRM than convenience.

        the thing that really sucks is thats rumoured that G4WL will be backed into windows 8 just like IE so you cant fully remove it from your system

          yes but you can now remove IE because microsoft was ordered to allow it to be removed/ other net browsers to be installed. i think you will find that you will be able to remove it if you dont want it.

      Microsoft is intergrating Xbox Live into Windows 8, perhaps they'll actually put effort into a new version of Games for Windows Live that is useable when Windows 8 finally swings by or they'll rebrand it as Xbox Live for Windows and have it useable...Wishful thinking, I know but hey, it could happen.

        I heard this also, but I also heard the new GFWL system wouldn't be like it currently is and like, games on steam could have "GFWL support" built in, to give people achivements and etc, tied to their gamerscore.

    My first instinct is to welcome the title with open arms, although I'm still reminded that this release was an old promise come late.

    I bought an Xbox over Christmas to play this game.


    Trust me when I tell you PC players - It's a fun game so much so my most aniticipated game of 2012 is the downloadable sequel coming next month.

      It looks good. And the shorter length might actually do it some favors too.

    Well thats actually pretty tempting then. I'll probably get it when it comes out on Steam

    As someone who has played this game, it is fantastic and it deserves far more praise than it gets.

      As someone who has also played this game, it is pretty terrible and there is damn good reason for the lack of praise.

    Shame they downgraded the tech from DX10 to DX9.

    So glad this is finally happening. Here's hoping it's a 'full release' and microsoft didn't pay to keep the DLC Xbox-only...

    It'd also be sweet if Remedy released an "ALANED" type program or some kind of tools so people can get some nice Mods going.

    Was bound to happen. The money grabbing whores can only hold out for so long before the exclusive period has bled dry and they decide its time to make money from PC sales. This attempt to sell consoles by making exclusive titles is ruining the games industry and only highlights the fact that the industry is now driven by money. Any self respecting developer will look through history and see that all too often the little guy is being fucked over by corporate greed which is in turn, denying the world of advanced technology and beautiful things. We live in a time of great potential with limited possibility.

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