Aliens: Colonial Marines Goes BANG, ZOOM, Straight To The Moon

Aliens: Colonial Marines may have suffered a slight delay, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy this new trailer, even if it shows next to no actual gameplay!

That fact is almost negated by the trailer's use of the awesome Moon soundtrack, which fits quite well with the 'impending menace' theme Gearbox and SEGA are clearly shooting for with this trailer.

If anything, this trailer should encourage you to watch or rewatch Moon. And then maybe get excited about Aliens: Colonial Marines.


    Phew, when I saw the headline I was worried after the recent delay announcement that it had been cancelled.

    The queen didn't seem to happy to have one of her minions juice on her...

    After the steaming turd that was the last Aliens vs Predator game, it will take a lot to get me on board with this

    I swear you guys posted this a week ago...

    Cant wait. Phil is awesome

    Phil is awesome at this

    Please remove the stupid bull alien:

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