Aliens: Colonial Marines Special Edition Is Leaked, Contains Power Loader

Aliens: Colonial Marines Special Edition Is Leaked, Contains Power Loader

In February 2008 I went to Gearbox in Texas to have an early first look at Aliens: Colonial Marines. Today, almost four years later, the game is scheduled for release at some point in 2012. This leaked collector’s edition, however, which features a pretty nifty power loader suit ala the one seen at the end of Aliens sort of lifts hopes that we’ll see the game in a timely fashion!

Gamekyo has stumbled across the above leaked image, which shows off a number of collectible things including the adore-mentioned power loader (not life sized, sadly).

SEGA has chosen not to confirm whether or not this is official, which seems a little silly to me considering the fact that, a) we are aware of the existence of this game, b) it’s just a collector’s announcement and c) it’s good publicity for a product they clearly want to sell.

Regardless — it looks like a pretty nifty package for fans of the Aliens franchise. Here’s hoping the game itself cuts the mustard.

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  • This is one game I freakin’ can’t wait for and the folks at Gearbox are awesome. Up there with Mass Effect 3 and BioShock Infinite anticipation levels…

  • Balls, this isn’t helping my “Finish all my old Steam games and limit how much I spend on Games this year” resolution 🙁

    Must resist urge… Must pick this game up 6 months later for cheap.

  • I loved Gearbox (Opposing Force, yay!), but they dropped the ball with DNF, worst game of 2011, regardless of hype/anticipation.

    • Then blame 3Drealms, the company that worked on it for 12 years, not Gearbox/Take2 the company that bought the rights to the IP so they could put out this pile of shit after they finished it and start their own one from scratch.

      it really irks me the amount of people that blame Gearbox for DNF, it wasn’t their fault.

      • In my opinion, getting Duke Nukem Forever out there for the fans was a cool move by Gearbox, even though I personally didn’t have any interest in the game. And I don’t think altering it too much was in their best interests, considering the development hell that it was in for so long.

        That being said, Gearbox put their name to DNF. They decided that it was ready to be played, and were happy for it to be released as one of their games. I do think that they hold some of the responsibility for that game. If the game truly was bad, then that does place a question mark against the releasable quality of any of their future titles.

        But the quality of DNF doesn’t reflect on the development skills of Gearbox’s team. If you were talking about talent only, then I would agree. As you say, the majority of content for DNF can be attributed to 3D Realms.

        • I think the only thing Gearbox is guilty of is hyping up the game more than they should have, and possibly releasing it as a full game… $15 download title would have been far superior.

          Ultimately though, Gearbox really aren’t to blame… It’s like blaming Steam for regional price fixing, it’s just incorrect.

          • I’m not sure. I feel like they are quite different issues, and not strong metaphors for each other.

            I think that Gearbox’s name does bring an expectation of quality to a title. And, as a consumer, you should look back and see that they helped put out a game that wasn’t of the best quality.

            The development of Aliens: Colonial Marines seems like it has been troubled. If I’m not mistaken, it’s been delayed a few times (which isn’t the best indicator of trouble, but certainly isn’t an indication of success). I think it would be wise to be cautious. Are they going to release this game regardless of its quality? This wouldn’t even be the worst decision that they could make, considering the popularity of the Alien brand will help to move units independent of critical review.

            I personally have high expectations for Aliens: Colonial Marines, and don’t think that Gearbox will release it unfinished. However, if a consumer wishes to avoid disappointment, they should do their research.

            And, I would agree, that if someone wants to complain about what DNF was, they should direct a majority of their attention to the folks at 3D Realms, who crafted the experience.

    • I keep reading this and I just can’t understand people blaming Gearbox. They did like 10% of the work at the end. Maybe they should have canned the whole thing – but then we would never have seem DNF, which whilst crap at least ended the ever rising anticipation.

  • After I saw the gameplay vid of one of the developers walking through the Gears/CoD inspired game, I wasn’t too impressed. Seemed very scripted and for some reason it had different types/species of Aliens….on a world that was blown up in the movie “Aliens”

  • Aww I was hoping it was actually a full scale, operational loader suit that I could get in and use to move large objects too heavy for me to lift on my own.

    This is ok I guess…

  • “highly detailed resin display model”

    If it really is highly detailed then methinks I’ve found another collectors edition to go on the bookshelf. Let’s hope that the window on that box displays the game case perfectly like it did for DNF.

  • I was hoping not to purchase too many Collector’s Editions this year. But those developer/marketing folks are much too clever.

  • That’s weird, just coming back from the EB Games website, the only version of the game you can preorder is for the Wii U.

  • I’m wary of this game thus far. The demo I watched narrated by Randy Pitchford really didn’t impress me at all – don’t get me wrong, it didn’t look bad. Just looked, well, predictable. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t wan’t to squeeeee this one up just yet. Aliens is too precious to me.

    On a different note, but franchise related – the trailer for Prometheus gave me goosebumps. Ridley Scott directed Alien prequel? HELL. YES.

    • Scott has already come out and said it is not an Alien prequel, just set in the same universe. Personally still pretty excited for it to come out though.

  • I’ll buy this. It will fit nicely with my AvP Special Edition. (Not really, but I have a face hugger, I may as well have the loader too)

  • Hmm after a quick scan of the comments, everybody seems fairly excited.

    All I have to say is; Ugh, more unlocks.

  • If your an Aliens fan you should get a HCG Pulse Rifle, cause they might not be around to long after this game comes out.

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