Alienware Launches PC That’s Disguised As A Console

Alienware Launches PC That’s Disguised As A Console

As consoles become more like personal computers with their patches and their upgrades, so too do PCs become more like consoles, with more people using control pads and hooking them up to TVs than ever before.

Alienware sees a market in this, with the launch of the X51, a small PC that looks, and is designed to act, as much like a console as a computer.

On the inside, it’s of course a PC. The base model, with a Core i3, 4GB RAM and GT545 should be able to handle Battlefield 3 at close to full settings. You can then upgrade as you fancy.

But the casing itself is small, and designed specifically to be slung either vertically or horizontally under a TV set.

With Steam launching its “Big Picture” mode later this year, and more and more console games coming to PC with better graphics and control pad support, this might not be as stupid an idea as it first sounds.

The Alienware X51 Attempts to Prove That Good Things Can Come in Small Packages [Gizmodo UK]


  • ‘more and more console games coming to PC with better graphics’

    This line upsets me. Consoles games should not be ‘coming to PC’ they should be released at the same time. Sigh.

    • I think he means it in a good way, that games released on both PC and console look better on PC. We’re basically a whole generation ahead now.

  • Nothing new or unique, I use a Dell Zino at work pretty much the same concept, and considering how hard it is to get parts for these things and the average turnover life for PC Hardware, I would say its a worthless investment.

  • I think its a clever idea, but its 700 quid in the UK, which would mean $1500 (including GST and Aussie tax) over here – and thats for the base model.

    • Alienware being over priced as usual. I have a laptop that was just over $1000 at recommended retail ( i paid about $700, its handy when your father is incharge of an electronics store) that has that same if not better specs as that pc.

  • lol…. it’s a stylised desktop case. It’s not innovative at all.

    Who would honestly be fooled into buying one of those?

    • If they sold the case by itself I’d nab one for sure as long as it has decent cooling. It fits in with my consoles and TV and looks to fit on a shelf rather than next to my TV unit. It’s a good idea but Alienware computers are stupidly priced so they probably won’t get my sale.

  • if it’s a good price, I’d probably get one! ….although knowing Alienware, this’ll turn out to be extremely expensive!

  • It looks nice, I’m sure it runs well but if it’s anything like Alienware laptops and towers then it’ll be about $600 than it should be.

  • I’m planning on custom building a PC that will live under the TV but I think I’ll use a full size case so it’s easier to make adjustments and it’ll get better airflow.

  • It’s laptop hardware in a desktop case. I’d be pretty surprised if you couldn’t build a small machine with better games performance for about the same amount, though it might not be as small or as polished.

    • To me this looks more like a high-end off the shelf HTPC, except without the digital tuner. Shame.

      (Yes, I’m aware you can use a decent Atom or Fusion-based nettop as a very decent HTPC for a fraction of the price, but those reply on hardware h264 decoding and can’t handle 10-bit encodes 🙁 )

    • You can’t readily upgrade a laptop with a brand spankin’ new HD7970.

      Although this thing looks like it’d struggle to fit those size cards also.

  • Full size (or anything antec 902 and up) cases allow for larger components, more fans with no trapped air, better airflow, quieter cooling and more easily exchanged parts. They do look a bit…excessively large though.

  • Lol. Wut?

    But it still runs bloatware like Windows and Fire-memory-fox-destroyer. Booting into Windows sucks big fat hairy dogs bollocks.

        • So you’re saying a Windows based computer cannot start up in the time frame of about 20-30 seconds?

          Oh man you sound like a right idiot. Get all the porn off your computer, update it to 2012, don’t clutter up your C drive, keep it virus, malware & spyware free & you should be good to go.

          Hell my mates Toshiba laptop circa 2009 boots up in under 45 seconds to a usable state, his PC circa 2007 boots up & he has Steam running & signed in after about 50 seconds.

          So really, it is not impossible with a solid state drive, a decent CPU & memory.

    • Obviously you have never used an Alienware. The several times I have from friends owning them, they’re nothing but fast & reliable. They actually boot up rather quickly with all the supposed “bloatware”

    • Was about to say that…. All it is, is an Alienware styled and priced HTPC that doesn’t perform much better.

      You’d be better off going to some place like MSY and have them build you a HTPC for the same price to get double the performance and I dare say if you don’t go for the HTPC standard silent fans you could get something that runs cooler too.

  • How is this not a good thing. People buy overpriced macs. One of the reasons is that they are more expensive so they must be better right? I think this is a great idea and will do a lot of good for pc’s. Too many cases are ‘up in yo grill’ with fans and lights or just boring. Something more like this will appeal to the many COD fans and those who want something flashy, of which there are too many of now days. I won’t get one but I can see how they will be great for the pc market.

    • Because better visuals stimulate the brain more then ones without, making them more attractive, therefore its a ‘good game’ (‘good’ in this case meaning how many people play it).

  • My GTX560Ti and Core i7 runs battlefield 3 abit choppy, I dont see how they can advertise a core i3 doing the same.

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