Anonymous Declare War On Sony Over Its Support Of SOPA

The Stop Online Piracy Act is, essentially, a knee jerk, impotent reaction — one which will most likely have little impact on halting piracy. Despite an overwhelmingly negative response from users online, many major companies, including Sony, support SOPA and that has attracted the attention of online group Anonymous who have issued a threat to directly to Sony.

"Your support of the act is a signed death warrant to SONY Company and Associates," states the above video. "Therefore, yet again, we have decided to destroy your network. We will dismantle your phantom from the internet. Prepare to be extinguished. Justice will be swift, and it will be for the people, whether some like it or not."

While we don't know exactly who was responsible for the great PlayStation Network hack of 2011, many placed blame at the door of Anonymous. It'll be interesting to see if anything actually comes of this.

Anonymous Declares War on Sony (Again) for Supporting SOPA [Gamefront]

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    Really? Not this again, please. Someone find these children a hobby or a constructive output for the misdirected angst. As a consumer, this absolutely KILLS me. I will always blame retards like Anonymous before I blame 'the man'.

    They are attention seeking children, and nothing more.

    Please don't give these guys any more airtime.

      ^sopa supporter^

        Whether I support SOPA or not (I object to SOPA vehemently, by the way) has nothing to do with it. I get wholeheartedly sick of attention seeking, destructive anarchists like Anonymous and lulzsec trying to put a cause on what is nothing more than a desire to cause mayhem and generally screw with consumers and businesses alike. I also resent the interruptions to services that I have the right to access, and have sometimes paid good money for.

        There are better, more constructive ways to express your opinions on things, or to rally for change - and they will probably be a lot more effective than the sorts of actions 'groups' like these propose.

          Plus, the ONLY thing its led to, is a more secure, restricted service. Oh and you got a couple free older games out of it. Way to go Anon/Lulzsec.

          Achievement: SFA!!!!

          Uh Lulzsec doesn't have a cause. As their moto state's "We do it for the lulz"...

            I'm fairly certain lulzsec have touted themselves as crusaders for promoting better network security by finding and exploiting weaknesses to teach companies a lesson. Well, that's the piss weak rhetoric they spout when they do it, anyway.

              I'd need a reference for that claim, seeing as it would defy their entire ethos of having no rationale.

          Yeah it's so very true. The Anonymous thing is so lame, and their appropriation of lame popular culture iconography is boring. Cmon guys! Do something worthwhile.

        If it means keeping Americans off the internet, sure I'll support it. :D Besides, all these children do is DDoS websites anyway, doubtful anything will come of this.

      I'm happy there is oppostion at the very least, governmet / business need to know we won't roll over and take this.

        There is opposition. Company's like Google and Cisco are strongly against SOPA.

        These kids won't help the cause, instead they will do the exact opposite.

      Why is it that when someone who can actually stand up against a higher power, in this case Sony, the people who they are helping are so opposed to it? Yes it may be cyber terrorism, but without people like this standing up for the consumer and protesting in some manner then who will? Consumers will always get trodden on without resistance

        If you think these idiots are helping you or affecting anything in a positive way, you really need to get outside and have a look at the world. Your reality is in dire need of checking.

          I second this.

        Lol at all the folks here that think these guys are idiots.
        What have you done lately to help humanity?
        Igonarance is bliss. WAKE THE FUCK UP, get active or your children will no longer have freedom

          that is exacly right

      For all those people that seem to have an issue with Anonymous check this out... Between Anonymous and Wikileaks they've started revolutions in multiple countries around the world. They've stuck up for the little guy, if you're problem is that you are slightly inconvenienced by them sticking up for you than I personally think your thought process defies all logic. The occupy movement I'm borderline against because the vast majority of people in it are there for attention and little more. Anonymous and Wikileaks though I will heavily support and stick up for because I believe the majority of them are in the right. Lulzsec was personally the most amusing thing I've ever seen on the internet, I still follow Sabu.

        If you read some of the other comments about the issue I'm sure you'll understand better my point of view, it's not a skewed perception of reality, it's about supporting people acting on our rights to freedom. Why should stand idly by while our freedom of the internet is taken away from us?

      The idiots like this are the reason SOPA even exists

        SOPA = Stop Online Piracy Act how is sopa stopping anon arnt about piracy.

      I have no real problem with Anon in general, I view their DDoS attacks as the digital equivilent of a Picket Line; Lulz Sec on the other hand go way too far...

      SOPA is just a terrible idea, and I can only assume it has any support at all due to people either having zero idea about the digital age, or being paid off by big content.

      these arent kids thesse are serios hackers. if this was not serious then dont you think they would have caught them already. i support anonymous. JOIN THE RESISTANCE GO ANONYMOUS!!!!!

    Didn't Sony pull out of SOPA already, as well as EA and Nintendo?

      I think SCE (i.e. the videogames part of Sony) dropped their support. But some of the other parts of Sony (the music and movie divisions) are still listed as supporting it.

      Also - can we please stop giving Anonymous coverage until they grow at least one set of balls between them and put their names to their statements?

      They sort of did, but sort of didn't. Sony Electronics withdrew their names from the support list (as did EA and Nintendo). Sony Pictures and Sony Music are still right up there, probably even helped draft the legislation. Also even if they did pull out completely, the MPAA and RIAA are still lobbying for it, and Sony's media companies are among the biggest conglomerates that those organizations work for.

      Incidentally while those games companies did withdraw support, they're still represented by the ESA which is still lobbying for it. So it could be a case of not wanting their brands associated with unpopular legislation, but still wanting to have it.

      Kotaku encourages sloppy journalism with little to no fact checking, detail or follow through. This Anon news is effectively old news by industry standard.
      And old enough that SCE have already changed their official stance along with many other major corporations.

        They're just bloggers, cut them some slack, so what if Brian always posts about everything about Japan like he has some raging boner for it. And so what if these bloggers make typos in their copy/pasted articles, the important thing we're all missing is that they through their actions; help bring this community together to discuss important topics such as this.

    Anonymous... inspiring fear like Reds under the bed, Saddams WMD's and Russian invasions of North America, since the late 2000s...

    *rolls eyes* Seriously, sometimes its the threat of nothing thats worse than something.

    I'd love to see anon control themselves. Perhaps try to weild the power they claim to protect intelligently. A death warrant, for instance doesn't really exist on the internet. And it sounds macho and silly and immature.If you are fighting adults, you must yourself be an adult to be taken seriously by the masses.

    I like the romanticism behind what they do, I just wish that they wouldn't come across as so immature.

    I believe SOPA is wrong, I don't dispute that this course of action Anon have chosen could be the only recourse for justice. I just wish there was a sense of professionalism in the taking of that action.

    FYI Sony pulled out the areas of their business associated with production + distribution of video games only. If the PSN goes down again to prove a bigger point then so be it.

    Damn kids that have no life. Bored of them waging "war" with major company while hiding their faces all the time. Grow up and do things the adult way please Anonymous, go face to face and protest not hide behind the net.

      Erm.. Most protests I've seen have masked individuals, he'll even some police are masked.
      It would seem to me, in our society at least, that the 'adult' action is to mask up and fight.

    This will only strengthen support for SOPA amongst the ill-informed public. More & more, Anonymous plays into the hands of the TPTB.. as they did when they provided a convenient excuse for the GOP to make the vote in Iowa secret, away from public scrutiny and vulnerable to classic vote rigging..Anonymous start to look like controlled opposition.


      I think there is a question of "hurting or helping" to be considered here. Perhaps in Anon were truly justified, then their actions would be silent and perhaps not geared towards garnering attention. But when has a silent protest ever proved to be effective (honestly)?

      Interesting point.

    Just leave the fuckin' credit card information alone this time, please.

    Just worth a note, while these videos are not really written that well, come off corny half the time, and their intentions a little immature, they do achieve a few things. They put out the concept that anyone with a computer and spare time can do something about things like this. I'm not talking about getting into some electronic system, but rather the concept of "Yeah I could probably help with this". How many people saw that video, or one of the other anti SOPA videos and thought about some sort of retaliation or defiance towards SOPA supporters? These guys are a bunch of kids in most cases doing what they can about something they believe in, and hell I don't really see anything wrong with that.

    Best way to get an Anonymous off your back? Post their personal details on 4chan. I had some idiot claiming he was their leader hassling me through a forum I was on and through facebook. Haven't heard from him since I took away his anonymity.

    Its funny how terrorist organisations never consider themselves to be "terrorists". When in fact, threatening the annihilation of a body/group of people is at the very heart of the definition. Anonymous preach about freedom of speech... as long as they agree with it. Give me a break. Why dont they channel their hideous collaborative group at doing something worthwhile in the world? No. Instead, they attack gaming networks, hack local police websites and get themselves arrested in the mean time lol

      I've breached the 3 post (you look like you have no life) rule on this topic. All so I could ask, do they really deserve to be compared to violent terrorist organizations?

      I don't know much on the topic, so naturally I think of Al Qeada when I think of terrorism. But when I think of them, Anonymous hardly tends to follow.

    Yay more free PSN games :)

      Quick, make as many different region accounts as you can.

    Anon are nothing more than fascist vigilante scum. Like the kind that used to hang people for "justice". All they care about is telling people what to do and not do.

      Vigilante scum?

      You do them too much justice, due to too much anger. They are a loosely organized group of online activists at best. Tell the 'Patriot hacker' Jester of the U.S that Anonymous are vigilantes and see what he says.

      Kids with spray paint might just be capable of creating something worth looking at. I don't think Anon stands for much more than that. The idea of anonymous being some sort of hive mind conglomerate of dangerous anti-social youths is positively old fashioned, maybe even paranoid. Just dudes making noise. I wish they were worth more. But sadly no.

    Meh i have plenty of singleplayer games, go to town anonymous, way to get yourself even more hated

    Well according to the PSN I live at "1 getfu€#Sony St" so they can go ahead and hack away...

      Hey do you drive that blue wagon? I'm in #12 'getfu€#Sony St'! We're practically neighbours!

        Yeah I've seen you around, but there are some dicks living in No.6, must be anon members...

    Yay terrorism!!

    If they bring down PSN again I will fuck every one of these little pricks in the ear. Anyone who agrees with these shitbags is just as dumb

      no worse better than them with a threat like this. (5 posts, thy social life is truly done.)

      I'll sober up tomorrow and regret all 'o' this.

    Harden up, Sonyfags. Anon is more powerful as an idea than an actual collective. SOPA is quite possibly THE biggest threat to ever face the Internet. Any company that supports it has zero respect for their customers and should be punished for such faggotry. Don't bitch and moan because people are actually looking out for YOU, the consumer, while you're happy to sit back and lap all the shit up that Sony dishes out. If that means that you won't be able to pwn n00bs on CoD for a short period, then BOO FRIKKEN HOO!

      Not sure how them stealing my credit card details, selling them to unscrupulous individuals and gloating is benefiting me in the slightest.

      PS using words like Sonyfags, faggotry, you might think it makes you cool but it doesn't.

      SOPA will never pass the US supreme court, it has been tried like 3 times now and it always gets knocked back as being unconstitutional. Everyone is just going on about SOPA because they finished Skyrim and Arkham City.

    SCE pulled support for SOPA. Attack SCE. Makes perfect sense. /sarcasm.
    So where's the attacks for all the other companies that support SOPA? Why single out ONE company, but leave the others alone? And how can you can say you believe in a cause when you won't even put your name or face to it? Look at Julian Assange; he'll stand up in front of the world and say "This is what i believe in", no matter how much shit he gets for it. And for that, he's earned my respect. But i'll never support Anonymous.

      The threat was against Sony as a whole, who have not pulled out. Most of their divisions are still involved. The SCE pull-out was almost disrespectful in its cynicism.

      I dont need or want protection. Especially by them.

    Make these idiots go away. I did not ask, nor do I want them to "stick up for me" and most others feel the same. Go get a job and use your talents constructively. Why would you support a bunch of idiots who think they can break the law and steal and release private information of consumers, executives and businesses.

      You mean as compared to supporting a bunch of idiots who will soon have the power to shut down almost any site they choose, dictate what you can and cannot do on hardware you own, tell you that you cannot sue them, force you to buy locally through region-locking rather than from the cheapest supplier, force you to have an internet connection to play single-player games, give crappy service and then tell you that you should be thankful you are getting any service at all, can release your private conversations to anyone they like, can install tracking and logging software on your computer, can and do track your movements on the internet, and so on?

    I find the comments here really disturbing. I find the video quite immature, but anyone who says that this shouldn't inconvenience them should read more. Have any of you looked at what SOPA proposes? Sites like kotaku would either (a) cease to do business; or (b) rely on the good will of every content producer ever not to file a bullshit complaint. You can operate a business under such conditions, it becomes high risk.

      SOPA is bad. But I'm not making a deal with the devil to stop it.

        What does that even mean?

        Your not making a deal of any kind. They're protesting it - you don't have to do shit. Or you could start your own, more mild protest, whatever.

        I don't support everything Anonymous does, but in this case, shutting down Sony (and others) seems logical to me. It seems entirely in proportion to the power companies like Sony will wield under the legislation to simply shut down sites.

    I for one ALSO support this movement, i hope they tear sony limb from limb..

    Sony? Why don't they just take down the US of A, would stop all the worries in an instant.

    People forget that who protects you is not up to you. The fact remains that this bill is the biggest threat to the international freedom of the internet that has ever existed. Someone has to protect people from that.

    Disagree with their methods all you like, I guarantee the loss of service that comes from this bill will make Anonymous' tactics look like a holiday at the f**king seaside

      Someone IS protecting us from this bill. Companies like google for example. What won't help is a bunch of immature idiots who wan't to be the voice of justice. If anything they'll just damage the cause.

        A company like google will never have the pull in the US legislature that all the Unions and major entertainment companies on that bill will have. They just don't have the numbers behind them, or the pull through lobbyists. I'm not saying Anonymous are doing the right thing, but at least they're doing something that might actually make a difference in the long run.

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