Anonymous Deletes CBS, Universal Sites. Is Xbox Live Next?

Anonymous continues to lash out following the seizure of Megaupload and the jailing of its founder, having momentarily deleted both and Xbox Live has been threatened, but is that credible?

Put it this way, if hackers can obliterate corporate presences of that size (even if they are now back up), as well as whack government, motion picture and music publishing sites with a huge DDoS attack, then yes, they possess the motivation and the means to threaten something like Xbox Live. Whether that is actually a target is another question.

Earlier this weekend, a video went out speaking for Anonymous, claiming that web presences for the United Nations, Capital One, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube would be attacked if Megaupload wasn't restored in a 72-hour span. How any of these are directly affiliated with Megaupload's takedown and the arrest of its officers is beyond me. Others have shouted down the video as an empty threat made by wannabes. Indeed, Anonymous' own Twitter feed asks why it would take down three social networks it uses to spread its messages.

But that's the nature of Anonymous. It has no leader, so there's no way to judge the legitimacy of any who claim to speak for it.

Last year, Anonymous was blamed for PlayStation Network's 23-day outage, said to be provoked by Sony's actions against hackers who jailbroke the console and the company's removal of the ability to install the Linux operating system. Anonymous denied involvement.

Whether Xbox Live is a target or not, what seems certain is that an unaccountable body will continue to attack and take down sites of those it unilaterally declares obnoxious, as a moral protest against unaccountable bodies taking down sites of those they unilaterally declare obnoxious.


    I hope these guys realize they have the exact same reaction as my 4 year old daughter when you take away her toy.

      You took her toy? You big meanie!!

      Agreed. I can understand the defense of free speech and the need to protect civil liberties BUT this is an unsophisticated tantrum. A whiny tantrum that denies others free speech in defense of a fat pirate who was a parasite on others creativity. Grow up. This crap just gives whats left of the sopa gropers ammunition. THINK

      Damn right, Freeze! They always come across as a bunch of children, with everything they've done.

      Well...technologically savvy kids, but still...

        Not really DDOS is a pretty pointless attack

        It's the equivalent of ripping posters off of a wall.

        It does no monetary damage. And for sites like universal and the like where they don't actually make much money off the sites themselves the DDOS attack isn't even limiting potential profit.

        Though deleting the sites is an interesting move which is still just tearing down a poster since any IT guy should have a backup

      I'm impressed! Your daughter threatens to take down the UN over her toy?

      That's dedication!

    They're threatening Xbox Live? To my knowledge Anonymous' retalitations thus far have been taking down websites. Big deal - anyone with enough backup, a couple of scripts and an internet connection can do that. Besides, they won't take down Xbox Live - how will they play CoD then?

      Ironically a new release of COD or DLC mpa pack seems to be the only thing that is capable of taking down XBL these days ;)

      There's nothing like a subtle CoD bashing to start your morning.

        you're so square.

    so sick of hearing about Anonymous.

    I'm actually starting to think that this may make a difference to the companies supporting SOPA. Attacking government sites is pointless, though.

    Honestly, fuck piracy. What is it with people from this generation just feeling like they can take shit? If everybody pirated movies and didn't pay for their games/entertainment there wouldn't BE any entertainment left to steal.

    What annoys me about pirates is that they rely on law abiding, content purchasing people to pay for games/movies etc to support the companies that make games/movies so they can stay in business and keep making games/movies for the pirates to steal.

    I say let the pirates have their way. Let them support piracy, let them promote a future in which we don't pay for anything. Companies aren't gonna just start making movies/games out of the goodness of their heart. Then when no one wants to make any movies/games what will Anonymous do? Threaten to take down Paramount pictures website is they don't make a sequel to Thor?

    Who made Anonymous the cops? If the internet is going to become the wild west and be controlled by the person with the biggest gun do we really want the place run by a bunch of thieves? What point is there of having all this power if they don't have the wisdom to use it properly?

    Anonymous, pirates, go fuck yourselves.

      Scott, that is the BEST comment I have read in ages. There is nothing good about these basement dwelling fatshits we call pirates.

      Can I print this out and put it on my wall? I have given up arguing with these selfish delusional fools - great [email protected]%#ig post. KUDOS.

      On a completely unrelated note, I was just watching something something dark side on fox 8 and stewie (darth vader) said Scott was on the darkside. Lol

      While I understand and agree with the sentiment, reducing any group to a single mentality is always a mistake. Pirates are from every generation, their reasons aren't universal (even if they're poorly rationalized) and to treat them as such is as stupid as the way anonymous treats the rest of the world (us vs them, with us or against us mentality).

        I'm talking specifically about people who pirate entertainment. It's really easy to boil it down, they don't want to pay for things.

        They should be treated the same. If they want to steal things they should be treated like criminals.

      These movie companies make more money you can poke a stick at....and yet if some pirates their movies they cry.

      Look at "The Inner Room" Piracy helped that movie. Having said that. I am all for legitimate content. My biggest issue is getting it when i want store it how i want. And not have to wait for it...and of course...Not overpriced bullshit like it is these days

      "let them promote a future in which we don’t pay for anything. Companies aren’t gonna just start making movies/games out of the goodness of their heart."

      I for one welcome the coming of the Galactic Federation of Planets.

        That would be the "United" federation of planets :P

          God damnit I'm watching the show and everything. I guess there will always be a more correct nerd!

      Nice one Scott, fully agree with you, sick of people I know saying it doesn't hurt anyone while I pay for all my games, movies, music. No matter what defence people give they are thieves

    Go Anonymous!!!!! Hope they destroy Facebook.

      No need man. Facebook is doing a pretty good job of destroying Facebook.

        And yet the masses still flock to it each and every day, regardless of how unuseable the site becomes. I swear Zuckerberg sits in his underground lair with his laser sharks loling about how people keep coming back, no matter what he does. Then he sits in his high backed leather chair in front of his 40 foot fireplace and strokes his cat. Next time, Gadget..... next time.

    Internet tantrum or no, it's interesting to see a leaderless entity momentarily act as a collective before dispersing, only to reform again later.

      Beautiful... unethical... dangerous. You've turned every cellphone in Gotham into a microphone.
      Wait... scratch that last part.

    Anonymous had a 'founder'?

      Founder as in the founder of Megaupload, not the founder of Anon.

    I guess CBS and Universal now have a more comprehensive understanding of what SOPA and PIPA entail.

    Was the founder of Megaupload put away for money laundering?

    I'd like to see a worldwide media blackout on hacking groups. Who cares what they do, they're actions are childish and temporary setbacks at best.

    With a media blackout in place their power is diminished, trouble is most media outlets go for simple automated stories and actually have little integrity as an industry whole. Same goes for hacking groups.

      I think the studios would love you, then we can start blacking out stories that show how bad this SOPA PIPA Legislation is, then we can clamp down on that irritating freedom of speech issue

    Wasn't Annon-a-moose supposed to take down facebook last year about the 14th Dec? I read that they posted this.

    Lol, they obviously don't know what they are dealing with, FB has 4 massive buildings each with massive multiple backup servers in each one. Thats the problem with these guys, you can take down all these sites all you want, but they are back up and running within 24hrs anyway so what's the point. It's hardly more than a very minor inconvenience. Bah, do something useful with your hacking abilities!

    Wasn't Annon-a-moose supposed to take down facebook last year about the 14th Dec?
    Lol, they obviously don't know what they are dealing with, FB has 4 massive buildings each with massive multiple backup servers in each one. Thats the problem with these guys, you can take down all these sites all you want, but they are back up and running within 24hrs anyway so what's the point. It's hardly more than a very minor inconvenience. Bah, do something useful with your hacking abilities!

      And you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

        Care to explain why he doesn't have any idea what he's talking about?

        The only incorrect thing that I saw, was the suggestion that Anonymous has any hacking abilities in the first place. It's not hard to collectively use a third party program to DDoS attack servers.

    I think they're gonna end up doing more harm than good. It'll just be more fuel for the "this is why we need stronger interweb laws!" crowd.

    I must admit I am impressed with the responses here, seems like I'm not the only one who thinks Anonymous are just bunch of dicks who are making things worse. Maybe we should start an opposing group called Onymous to combat these phools :D

      Especially interesting when you consider the strong opposite spectrum of comments on the linked Gizmodo article.

    People paid for a service (mega upload). most used it legitimately, some didn't. Mega always removed any illegal content they detected or were notified of, and yet, thousands of people lose millions of hours of backed up work and personal content that had been paid to be kept stored. This is the online equivelent of having furniture in personal storage confiscated because someone else used a separate storage to store drugs. What most of you don't understand is that people's services were taken away and thus these attacks are on the exact same level as those of law.

    I have a better idea, lets all just complain on internet gaming sites instead of doing anything.

    US Corporations have just arrested guys in NZ to be tried in the US and facing up to 20 years in prison for copyright infringement. Something that their own country (and this one) would not even imprison someone for.

    Obviously Megaload are the bad guys here for providing a service that millions of people used; not the MPAA etc who are paying for laws to make something as ridiculously light as copyright infringement carry heavier penalties than murder, rape, etc.

    For those who think that entertainment won't exist without these companies, you are really not thinking. Music and theatre have existed for thousands of years; its only recently that there has been an expectation that individuals who make something popular deserve millions of dollars for it. There will always be creativity in people and there will always be people who will express it.

    I find it really disappointing that so many people are now agreeing with these faceless corporations that people who infringe upon copyright deserve more punishment than those committing arson or GBH and can be extradited to the only country that will try them for it.

    Anonymous represent a lot of people in hating Big Content. I have to agree with the spirit of their efforts, if not their methods. Remember all the articles reporting Hollywood's reaction to the SOPA/PIPA process: They absolutely honestly admit they thought they had bought polititions, and expect them to stay bought. I can totally get behind arresting them for bribery and attempting to undermine the democracy in the United States. But deleting their websites? That... doesn't seem to help to me. I could be wrong. Let's arrest and sentence obvious criminals, okay?

    Despite being against SOPA and PIPA, Anonymous actually do think it's ok to take down any site that they don't particularly like. Whatever happened to the legitimate branch that they were setting up? The one where they would push their agenda without ruining it for the rest of us and coming across as hypocritical?

    Hang on - they "deleted" a website - what does that even mean? (especially since said website is running once again) You know I have little to know respect for people who go out of their way to threaten legitimate businesses on the internet

    They're just terrorists. Plain and simple. How about they join society and pay for shit like everybody else? What a bunch of idiots.

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