Anyone Can Sing The Halo Theme Underground. And Sing It Damn Well

Welshman Jonny Mason was exploring some abandoned oil chambers with pals when one of them thought, yes, these acoustics are just perfect for a rendition of the Halo theme.

And what do you know. They totally were.

Underground Halo Theme Performance of the Day [TDW]



    Perfect, just topped it off so well, he was like some magical Pippin from Lord of the Rings all of a sudden.

      That so sounded like Pippin.

    Holy crap haha that sounded so bloody good.

    I would shit myself if I had heard that from the other end.

    Wow, that was pretty damn good. Man I wish people would still play Halo 1 & 2.

    This kicks ass, wheres the nearest abondoned oil chamber my good man!?

    That is full of some serious win.

    That was pretty darn sweet.
    I love the casual swearing, too.

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