Are You Addicted To Cosplay? This Post Is For You.

Are You Addicted To Cosplay? This Post Is For You.

Last year, cosplay at Japanese events was toned down. New regulations tried to make outfits less revealing. Extreme cosplay looked to be a thing of the past — that is, if not for Cosholic.

Earlier this year, the spring Cosholic event was held in Tokyo’s Odaiba. The winter Cosholic was held during last month’s Comic Market, and it featured cosplayers posing for photos and selling their own CD-Rom photo collections.

Many well-known cosplayers were in attendance, including Ushijima Good Meat.

Check out the gallery above, with photos courtesy of Moeyo. Note that many of the photos are NSFW as this event is one reason why extreme cosplay continues to lurch towards pornography.

そに子にボールギャグ!? []



  • I still don’t get why US articles are on the AU site.
    Okay, just Brian Ashcraft’s articles to be exact.
    Lobo hit it on the head, they’re a disgrace.

    • Liscencing agreement, thier articles show on AU, but AU doesnt have to be shown on US kotaku.

      and nobody has to open brian ashcrofts articles, but they do purely so they can have a whinge.

      • Ah yes, the apathy approach. Renowned for getting great results.

        But maybe, just maybe we continue to voice disappointment in hopes that they just avoid posting Bashcraft’s articles altogether. They can still post the other KotakuUS mouth-breather crap because it’s somewhat gaming related.

        Remember this site is called “Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide” not “Kotaku, the Weaboo spankbank”

        • Acutaly in this situation Apathy is likely to have more effect. Add sponsored web pages run of page views. If you don’t like an article don’t click on it.

          • Does that work if your running adblock? (honest and probably stupid question)

            Either way, a “what’s what” from Mark or somebody at KotakuAU about what the exact deal is with the reposting of US articles would be great. Would save a lot of speculation.

          • Don’t hold your breath. I politely asked what the deal was with the US/AU relationship in an Ask Me and was ignored. The amount of complaining about the abysmal, pisspoor quality of the US articles can’t have gone unnoticed.

            I suppose someone from kotaku AU coming out and stating that their parent company are a bunch of illiterate retards with nothing but Japanese jailbait on their minds wouldn’t sit too well with the Yankee doodles.

          • If you check Kotaku AU’s about page, it pretty much says they only filter out stuff that’s irrelevant for Aussies – most likely the US equivalent of Trading Places or Cheapskate Gamer, since we’re pretty unlikely to roll up to a Best Buy in Texas with our groupons.

          • Best Buy? Hell, I’m hitting up Walmart, photograph me some crazy people!

            Though I did hear a good story about a guy getting a $1400 Fender from best buy for $500 because the salesman was some 16 year old with no idea about guitars.

  • Hey Mr Ashcraft,
    Could you please put a NSFW tag up or something or even a slight warning that there will be scantily clad women in your article? Sure most of you would find all of these pictures ok to view and as do I, how ever I am at work and my older colleagues and bosses do not approve (3 of them happened to be walking past as The page loaded up). Yes I am aware that I probably should not be viewing these types of posts in work time but the title says Are you addicted to cosplay? This post is for you. not Are you addicted to looking at female cosplayers? This post is for you.
    I normally have little to no Problem with your articles generally as this is not just a gaming specific website/cosplay is related to gaming and if I dont like what you produce I would not normally comment as I believe that “I chose to click the link if I dont like it leave and leave peacefully”, but seriously a heads up please. Could be nice.

    • Here’s a tip.
      Bashcraft + Cosplay in “article” title = Pretty good chance of NSFW, whether due to images themselves or content likely to attract attention of any filters.

      • Here’s a better tip, if it’s cosplay, unless you are pretty comfortable about having very loose policies etc in your workplace, don’t click on it, because 90% of articles with the word cosplay on any site will involve at least a few scantily clad women.

        Though this is the first time I have seen some scantily clad cosplay guys in girls outfits ; D

  • Almost NSFW.. bit of warning next time 🙂 lol..

    I know it’s cosplay.. but this is a little bit more over the top than usual 🙂

  • Can we please start a seperate website for Bashcraft’s JapBonerTime?
    What the fuck does this guy contribute to a gaming website? Honestly. I see a Bashcraft article at work and just won’t click on it anymore.

    • >i see a bashcraft article at work
      >at work

      Some people get paid to write. Some people get paid to read. I think one of these shouldn’t be paid, no?

        • I get where mothball is coming from. I see so many people who post about spending considerable time reading Kotaku and any number of other non-work related sites, and even posting that they should be working (i.e. aren’t on a break). Makes you wonder about the productivity at a lot of workplaces.

      • No where, but I’m fairly certain Kotaku is the ‘Gamer’s Guide’. Gaming related articles comprise 90% of what this website publishes, and Bashcraft is responsible for the 10% of crap that isn’t.

        To clarify, the content of this article doesn’t bother me in the slightest – it’s placement on this website, however, does. If I, or anyone else want this sort of stuff, there’s a hundred thousand other sites out there that can supply it. This is soft porn, and the fact their costumes and themes are very barely based off video games and pop culture in general does nothing to detract from the fact it is nothing more than skin and soft porn.

        Give me the articles with high-quality cosplaying. Costumes that boggle the mind with the amount of work that was invested, and the ability of cosplayers to capture our favorite characters in real life.

        I and many others choose to read this at work, and people of all ages come here for gaming related news and opinions. Shit like this article is a pissweak excuse to further Bashcraft’s JapBoner and has no place here.

        • Every week Bashcraft posts some Japanese culture related fluff you don’t like. Every week you click on it and complain that Bashcraft posted some Japanese fluff you don’t like.

          I see a very, very simple solution.

          • The simple solution being it doesn’t get published.

            The regulairty of my issue taken with Bashcraft’s poorly written and irrelevant articles is meaningless. Bashcraft’s articles are utter crap that has no place here, and I’ll continue to express my distaste for it as long as I’m able.

            All I can see from you so far is, ‘If you don’t like it, don’t click on it.’ Way to take a constructive and informed standpoint on something.

          • Let’s say I walk along George street to get to work every day. I like George street. It’s got nice wide footpaths, the traffic isn’t too heavy in the morning, and it gets me where I need to go – there’s useful stores. Maybe I need some new shoes, or new shirt, or a bite to eat. Everything I might need on my way to work is covered but HOLY SHIT IT’S A SEX SHOP. WHAT THE FUCK, I DON’T NEED TO SEE THAT BETWEEN A CAFE AND A DELI AT 8 IN THE MORNING, JESUS. I BETTER GO RIGHT IN THERE AND ASK THEM TO CLOSE THEIR BUSINESS, REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT THERE ARE CUSTOMERS IN THERE RIGHT NOW WHO ARE PERFECTLY COMFORTABLE WITH BUYING ASSDILDOS. THE POINT IS, I DON’T APPROVE AND IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE KNOWS.

          • herein lies the problem. you’re assuming EVERYONE who reads kotaku takes offence to ashcraft articles.

            you fancy yourself some sort of superhero coming to save the kotaku community?

            cmon lighten up.

        • Sorry, I don’t see anything that indicates it’s “exclusively” gaming news, it’s news that might appeal to gamers, who often, believe it or not, have interests in comics, manga, anime, Japanese culture, movies, sci-fi. I would consider all these areas and more fair game for an article.

          And yet you mouthbreathing window lickers come in here every friggin’ week to bitch about another article you don’t like. It’s not like this is news to you. Rats in cages who’ve never seen another living creature learn faster than this. Get it together.

          • I’m sorry but it’s not ““Kotaku Australia, the Gamer’s Guide | Computer and video game news and reviews AND MORE”

            The name and subheading of the site say EXACTLY what this site is about. It’s not exactly hard to figure that out or are you one of those people who needs everything spelled out for them?

          • I’m sorry, it doesn’t say “Kotaku Australia, the Gamer’s Guide | EXCLUSIVELY Computer and video game news and reviews.

            The name and subheading of the site give a GENERAL INDICATION of what this site is about. It’s not exactly hard to figure that out or are you one of those people who needs everything spelled out for them?

          • You’re really grasping at straws, dude. For it to be a general indication the sub-heading would require an “etc” or “and more” or something similar which would indicate that the majority is game news and reviews with other semi/quasi-related articles/posts etc. That is how a “general indication” would work. It gives a general idea, a broad idea as it were, where it’s left open somewhat. In this instance it isn’t. The fact that YOU require it to use the word “exclusively” just shows that you have a general lack of understanding certain concepts of the English language.

          • You’re really grasping at straws, dude. For it to be a specific indication the sub-heading would require an “only” or “exclusively” or something similar which would indicate that everything posted here is strictly in relation to games and not other subtopics that gamers might find interesting. That is how “exclusivity” would work. It makes it plain and simple that all outside topics are expressly forbidden, as it were, where no other topics of discussion are given consideration. In this instance it isn’t. The fact that YOU require it to use the words “and more” just shows that you have a general lack of understanding certain concepts of the English language.

          • Guys, guys. We’ve already been blessed today with the departure of Crecente. We can’t have it all in one go Let’s be thankful for what we have received today.

          • My my, a little pedantic about details aren’t we? I agree with Matthew, though. The site doesn’t necessarily have to change just because you don’t like it. Some of us actually like reading these posts even if they aren’t 350 word paged essays or if they seem irrelevant (there’s a Street Fighter character there if you’re so insistent this has to be related to gaming). These kinds of posts have always been apart of the site since its beginnings and your inability vent your daily stress any other way but to verbally abuse the people who are providing you optional content to read speaks to how incredibly wound up you guys must be.

            Just chill, ok? Just chill.

          • Sorry, Kizaru. Not everyone can be fans of tabloid trash and spank bank material being posted on the last remaining reputable games news website. It’s not like you guys could get your kicks from thousands of other sites…

          • You are dramatic to be sure. But you complaints go farther than the so called ‘spank bank’ material here which was what I was addressing, of which, by the way I stated had existent since the site began so ‘last reputable games news website?

            You may want to reassess your priorities and see a doctor about your issues with perception. And perhaps a therapist for all the seething you have for this site and its apparent crimes against humanity.

          • Ahh Kizaru, the irony of you calling someone dramatic and then going on to be dramatic yourself. Rather amusing. You want dramatic? How’s this; misogyny has existed for a long time, so has racism, should we bend to that and keep it going? Ya see, that’s dramatic, it’s also ridiculous just like everything you’ve said.

            Now for a more realistic and generalised view on things; just because something has been around for a while doesn’t mean one should support it. But hey, you’ve again proven yourself to be a follower and as I said, KotakuAU is the last reputable gaming news site on the web. You want scantily clad chicks in cosplay outfits they purchased from a Japanese sex store? Then hit up a site dedicated to it, I’m sure you’ll find no shortage of it.

            However, after you’re last few remarks I await your witty response that is bound to shine the light of higher education upon us mere mortals.

    • Here, Here!!

      Also this defiantly has to be one of Ashcrafts better articles.

      If you don’t like anime or women, gtfo!

  • More Ashcraft articles please. One of the best things about Kotaku.

    Oh man, I don’t like video game related articles on a video game/geek culture site, better open it anyway and complain.

    I’m pretty sure the otaku in kotaku is not a coincidence and should point out one of the genres of this site just by name alone. Stop acting so surprised and disgusted, you’re not fooling anyone.

    • I have only just now noticed that the word “otaku” is in “kotaku”… thank you for opening my eyes.

  • My issue isn’t with the NSFW factor, more that it just isn’t very good cosplay.

    Seriously, give some more coverage to the awesomely talented cosplayers out there who make more of an effort than just wearing underwear, a wig and a set of animal ears.

  • Look, I’m not going to quiiite join the shitfight about Bashcraft, because he does some cool stuff sometimes.

    But ‘Are you addicted to cosplay? This post as for you’ as a title is fucking misleading.
    Hi. I’m a hetero chick. I really like cosplay – as in the process of designing and creating a costume based on a character from games/anime/whatever. This post is barely about cosplay, and certainly isn’t some sort of meaningful article with information or resources – it’s a bunch of photos of chicks who are theoretically cosplaying but really just playing the cheesecake angle.
    A far more appropriate title would have been ‘Are you addicted to softcore porn? This post is for you!’ or ‘Have some gratuitous tits’. It doesn’t help that the NSFW warning doesn’t show up in the slice of the article that shows in the RSS feed – you’ve already clicked through before you find out.

    Don’t get me wrong – a couple of cheesecake shots in the usual cosplay posts are totally fine. But wrapping this post up in a description that suggests it’s actually a real article is a bit lame.

  • Yeah, I sometimes, do like these posts, and whilst I do look at the cosplay posts sometimes, most of this is more like bikini’s than actual cosplay, lol.

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