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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Tw1. Did you get my email yesterday, my lengthy rant about Demon's Souls? If you chose to ignore it, I wouldn't blame you. I'm a bit fanboy for that game right now. :)

    2. A little while ago, you sent me a Kudos-related email asking what consoles I owned. Was this a tease, or is it leading somewhere? :P

    3. What kind of celebration took place when Kotaku won the best gaming news site award just before Christmas? I hope it was truly epic. If not, then you could argue that you're owed an epic celebration.

      I had the same number 2 thing happen to me. Are you just a big tease serrelicious!

        Haha, read this comment out of context!

      1. Got your email -- there was another post doing the round on the internets about your thing that made me want to wait before posting. It was good though, and I'll def chuck it up!

      2. Once the person who does all the mail and stuff gets back I'll send stuff out!

      3. Tracey made a cake!

    Mark, what games are you most looking forward to this year?

      Dat Journey.
      Dat Last Guardian
      Dat Bioshock Infinite!

    I don't suppose you know how to beat Mid-Boss on the Molten Core in Disgaea DS?

      Go through the item world and level up your weapons and equipment :)

    Can love bloom even on the battlefield?

      Does this question perhaps explain why your not allowed on the Battlefield 3 'Hardcore' servers anymore?

      Yeah. I do. I think at any time, any place, people can fall in love with each other. But if you love someone, you have to be able to protect them.

    1. Where have you got your nifty new figurines on display?
    2. Has Heizy tried to hide any of them?
    3. How many people have you driven to distraction with your megaphone?
    4. When is the first Allure Media Table Tennis tournament?!

      The Solid Snake figurine is the first time Heizy couldn't use her powers to hide my stuff behind a massive copy of Jane Eyre or something! I wouldn't even let her get rid of the box because it was awesome.

    I won some dvds for best reader review ages ago but I never got anything, Was I badly behaved?

    Why are the majority of "competitive" gamers so annoying?

      The same reason that a lot of youtube celebrities or popular internet figures are. Its because they feel self important, like everyone knows their name therefore they are the most important thing in the world. I think the term is big headedness syndrome. **

      **Probably not the technical term!

        This is the correct term. I struggle with it every day. :P

          Hey its that guy who wrote " The Lesser Evil"

          ?swoons CAn i have another autograph, on my book of yours!

      Competitive people in general are annoying.
      or so I have been told.
      Competitive people have feelings too you know. :(

      I find actual proper pros are fine. It's the wannabes that are irritating.

    City or asylum? I found the setting for Asylum to be far more interesting but was wondering your opinion.

      I liked the spookier atmosphere and greenery of the first game, the rest probably all comes down to personal preference. Both damn fine games.

      I like the tighter design of Asylum. The open world of City felt a bit extraneous to me...

    Any word on the winner of the COD MW3 hardened competition winner? Or the sixth competition?

      Man, I thought I'd posted the winners of the Modern Warfare comp.

      I need to get on that. I'll do it tomorrow.

    Mark, have the LunchTime Wasters been replaced by "Remember This?" permanently?

      Yeah. They were just far more popular than LunchTimeWasters. I decided I'd just do individual posts if I came across great LunchTimeWasters.

    What 3DS games should we look forward to in 2012?

    Hey Mark did you know if you rearrange the letters of Kotaku you can form the word 'kutoka' which means to get out in swahili?

    If you didn't know that, I'm happy to have enlightened you.

    With that in mind what other countries have you traveled to in addition to Scotland and Australia? And did you get a chance to try purchasing games in those countries?

      Every day is a School day!

      Been in loads of different countries! Lived in Japan for 2 years. Had a gamecube and xbox over there. Pretty hard times! I had to get my brother to send over games for me!

    Every time I go to Lifehacker I get a hippy vibe, do you get the same feeling from the folks who write for the site? ;)

    Are you going to do another gamespot podcast? Found the one with yourself, Bajo and.. others was very interesting

      Maybe. Depends on the topic! I had fun though. Quite keen on doing a proper Kotaku podcast as well.

    Is it worth getting a Kinect? Microsoft has a $49 cashback offer on it atm, and JB are selling it for $129, so is the Kinect for $79 worth it?

    I like the idea of navigating the dash with my voice and gestures, and the gf is into Zumba.. but we live in an average size apartment so wondering if I could even use it properly :/

      If it helps, JB sell those Zoom thingys.

      I've got a kinect and ,whilst I don't use it everyday, it does get used at parties... and my mates kids love several of the games (Sesame Street, Gun Stringer).

      I'm looking forward to using it in Ghost Recon next year.

      If you can get it cheap I say yes. Fruit Ninja, Child of Eden and Dance Central are all decent games.

    Is the Razer Onza worth splashing the cash on for a wired 360 controller, with main use for PC racing games?

      Just me, but I wouldn't spend that money on a controller. Anyone else?

        They're 50 bucks at EB here at the moment. Which is 10 cheaper than the official M$ ones & 20 bucks cheaper than JB which is right next door. I wouldn't spent any more than that honestly on one lol.

    Shameless Gaming Month 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    Coming to a home near you this February? Or just wait until July again?

      Two sequels a year makes you twice as good as Assassin's Creed. Do it.

        But what if I don't want to half-ass it and release the last week of Shameless Gaming as DLC shortly after everyone is finished with it? :p

          This'd be the same February that has Kindoms of Amalur: Reconing and SSX launching?

          And when's Ghost Recon coming out?

      Might be a good time. But Mass Effect 3 is coming out soon!

        March 6.

        Which works out neatly for those who have the first two in their piles of shame, no?

    The 'Ranting about Games in a Flash Video' thing that's so popular at the moment. What's your view on it?

    Serrels my good man, I'm playing through Mass Effect for the first time (just bought a 360). So Liara or Ashley? And yes, I kinda know some possible spoilers, but I do like Liara better. Just as I like Tifa better....I got nothing against dead chicks....
    ps. I'm not a creep

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