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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Scotish independance 2014 yay?

      Awesome question. I don't know man. I wonder about the impact.

      If I had to vote right now I would tick 'no'.

        Feel free to not answer if this is too personal, but is there any particular reason you'd be a no?

          For my money, popular support in Scotland has independance at about 34ish percent.

          I just don't see Scotland being able to support itslef anymore...
          Most of their heavy industry has gone, shipping is largely sold off, the mining sector is largely closed. Banking and Tourism are their big 2, I believe, and neither of those provides what they'd need.
          There's a lot of unemployment being subsidised by Britain, and so is defence and transport.

    What are Kotaku's plans for world domination/awesomeness in 2012? What kinds of things do the team want to focus on this year?

    Last year was pretty heavily dominated by Ready, is adopting another cause planned for this year?

      I'm wary about just having a cause for the sake of it. The focus for us this year is more focus on the local industry and local events and just better content! More features!

      And hopefully a podcast!

    Three questions. First is a two-pronged question that will help us get to know you a little better. What did you want to be when you were younger? What do you want to be now (long-term future career goals type thing)?

    Is there any compensation available for having the Snake Eater song in my head all morning?

    Also, is yesterday's Dark Souls article the upcoming piece you were talking about when you said you were holding on my Demon's Souls piece? If so, then it was a wise decision - it was a far superior article :)

      I wanted to be a pirate!

      Why would you want to be compensated for such a positive thing.

      Yeah, that was the one. Sorry!

        No stress - I might just paste it into TAY! :)

    Are you still looking for Remember this? suggestions? Because I have a good one.

      I've got enough to last me around two weeks at the moment. You may still email them to me if you wish. :)

    Two questions please, Mark:
    1. Are you and Tracey looking for any Reader Reviews?
    2. Have you played Saints Row: The Third yet?

      1. Sure man, send em in!

      2. I played the first four hours before release. Haven't played it since.

        Prepare for inbox inundation... Well a more severe state of it, at least :)

        It took me a while to warm to it, but by the end I was sad to see the SR3 circus leave town.

          I agree, the first half was underwhelming... but the end, ooh baby!

    Hey Mark,

    I remembered reading here a few weeks ago that you used to teach english in Japan. Care to to tell us more about this ?

    I used to teach at NOVA for 4 years (yeah it's got the worst rep...wanna fight about it) but it truly the most awe-inspiring. memorable and most rewarding experience of my life.

    When were you there till, were you in the Tokyo area, ellaborate !!

      Now I'm imagining Japanese people speaking English in some hybrid Japanese/Scottish accent.

        AHHAHAHA yeah I'm trying to imagine the poor students attempt to get their heads around the pronunciation of Serrels !!


      I also taught at NOVA for roughly two years in Nagoya!

      I had a blast. Amazing time. That's where I met my Australian wife.

        THis statement implies you have another wife who is not Australian. Secret family in Japan Serrels?

          Heyy-oooo, Ba-dum-che.

          Tip your waitress. He's here all week, folks.

            Wow Nagoya, never had the chance to make it out there.
            It is on my To-Do List the next time I make it out there.

            Yeah I met my Wife whilst in Japan...she was...ummmmm one of my students.

      Interesting - a close friend of mine also taught a NOVA a few of years ago before it went KAPUT. It did go KAPUT, did it not?

        Yup, I was there until the end.
        It then got bought out / rescued by another company, which I beleive still owns them.
        Pretty sure it's still called G-Com NOVA.

        I worked with the new company for a few months until it was time to return home. Call me a Soothsayer or something, because my wife and I had decided to try making a go in Oz, before things were getting dire at NOVA.

    any info on RE 6 or am i just wishful thinking?

    Care to end the speculation as to the purpose of kotaku core tag?

      I'ts part of the world domination scheme

      I think it's for people who only want to read about 'core' content in the US. Not to up on it.

    Do you work in a nice building with a friendly moustached security guy in the lobby, who greets you with a good morning and a smile?

    I tried this the last time but while it didn't show up, it was showing on the mobile site - weird!

    What's your view on the 'ranting into webcam or mic about videogames' flash videos phase we are currently experiencing?

      What are these?

      Not too sure -- I will say though, that I'm not a big fan of super long ranty podcasts. I like mine a bit more focused and short.

    How bad do you think the delay for ME3's local release vs Origin release will be?

    Aaaaaaaand when is the MechWarrior reboot due out already?

      I can answer part II,
      The devs are aiming for later this year, but I doubt we'll reach that considering we haven't seen a single screenshot yet (sadface)

      More info here:

      Local ME3 release is March 8, if I remember correctly.

      Unless it breaks street date. Origin might be a day or so ahead, since I believe the US release date is March 6 (or March 7ish, our time).

    Hey man, I just listened to your Kontaku spot on the radio and it was pretty neat.
    I was just wondering how you feel in expressing your opinions and views in that medium as opposed to here/written word?
    And I guess, as an aside, whether you have been involved/have ever wanted to be involved in regular podcasting etc.

      I'm keen on a Kotaku podcast and have been for ages. Radio has been fun -- I find it a lot easier than live tv. Feels more free and easy. There's more to be conscious of during live tv.

      We're hoping to get a good podcast going here. But I only want to do it if we do it well, and not have it be 3 hour aimless rant on blah blah blah!

        "There’s more to be conscious of during live tv"

        Like swivelling on a chair while maintaining a perfect forwards stare?

    UFC Undisputed 3 is leaving it incredibly late to give out any info on the career/story mode

    Good or bad?

      If they're mum on the topic, I'd reckon it'll be same as last time. So depending on how much you liked it in 2010 that may be good/bad.

      I have a feeling it'll be very similar to the previous career modes. Speaking to the guys in a week so I'll ask then.

      As I said to you before -- I'd kill for a Fight Night Champion style single player mode in the vein of 'Warrior'.

    Yo Mark,
    What game is your gaming equivalent of olives?

      Oh wow. Best question.

      So many.

      Probably MMOs, since I've never really given them a chance and I just assume I won't like them!

        Ooooh does this mean we'll see a future Kotaku feature where you Guinea-Pig yourself to try and play and enjoy an MMO? :)

        Can I used refer a friend on you for WoW then? =D

    Kotaku App for iOS/Android? Crazy talk?

      I like what Cracked do with their app. So not totally crazy!

    What are the chances of getting KotakAU people involved in online games? For example, L4D2: KotakAU vs. TAY, big match of TF2 with community members and staff members mixed up, etc.

      I suck so hard at online shooters on PC. I'm guessing that's what most of you would want to play! I'm even worse at RTS!


    Why does Australia have a horrible PS store?

    Why is everyone who writes for a games website listed as some form of editor?
    I grew up in the days where the editor was the one who managed everything and decided 'tone' and what got published.
    In my day everyone else was called a 'staff writer', 'journalist', 'commentator', 'freelancer' etc.

      A lot of it has to do with how the structure of an online publication is different to that of most other forms of media. For example, if I want to write a feature I don't necessarily have to pitch it to Mark and wait for his approval before I can go ahead with it -- online writers have have a level of autonomy that many print writers don't have the luxury of, so we're serving a dual role of writing and making editorial decisions.

      I would have been happy with the title "Features Writer", but since I do more than that and the Allure Media structure is to have the second-in-charge be an associate editor, I got called that!

      Although if anyone asked me what I am, I would normally say "journalist" because "associate editor" doesn't really mean anything to most people.

    I heard you on the radio this morning- I dodn't think Johnathan Green was as engaged with the topic as Waleed Aly was.

      Whenever Waleed's on The Project he seems like a cool guy. It confounds me that they put him on the end of the panel when Charlie's away and let Chris "Let's all make dad jokes" Brown moderate. Ignore this little tangent. :P

      I've had a mad amount of fun on the show actually. There's talk of maybe making it a regular thing, which I hope happens.

        Hopefully if it's a regular thing you can keep to a "one mainstream/one less so" format.

        Although I don't know how much of a gamer Fran Kelly (the usual host) is, maybe when Aly takes over the drivetime slot you can keep appearing

    Completed Skyward Sword yet Mark? Any changing opinions over the course of the game?

      i just started playing that. Love the game, hate the stupid Wii controls. Oh how I hate the Wii controls.

      I'm pretty close.

      In my piece about the game I think I was harsh, because there are aspects of the game that I truly, truly love.

      I actually like the controls -- particularly the ability to switch items so intuitively -- but there are problems. The lack of cohesion is one. It doesn't feel like a real place. Some of the padding is ridiculous as well. Collecting the spirit things for example -- just ridiculous.

      That said -- I think it's a great game, and def in my top 10 for 2011.

    How do companies manage to make free games for mobile devices such as 'Dead on Arrival'? Is there some other form of renvenue they recieve? I just dont get it - especially when the publisher is quiet small...

      It must be ad driven. Either that, or people just make things and release them for the hell of it. That happens a lot actually. Sometimes people just want to have something completed out there for portfolio reasons, or as an experiment.

    You mentioned the other day that you went to Gearbox a few years ago for a preview of Colonial Marines. Do you still get the chance to do that as often as you'd like at Kotaku?

      The travelling was often fun. But on magazines you have more space and time to do that sort of thing regularly.

      I prefer Kotaku because I don't necessarily have to write about games as products. I really love that aspect of writing.

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