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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.

Questions can be addressed to Mark or myself, otherwise one of us will just jump in and answer it when we have a moment to spare. :)


    How are you?

      So hungry, need lunchies, lunchies isn't for more than an hour, oh god, plz send halp.

    Any idea when Choplifter HD is getting released here? It's out on the US PS store, but no mention of it on the Aussie store. There is an entry for it in the OFLC database so presumably it is coming at some point, but any idea when?

      There has been no word about an AU/EU release for Choplifter HD. These announcements tend to happen on a Thursday via the official PlayStation Blog, and I have only seen it mentioned in the US store.

      So the answer is either: maybe later or maybe never. It sucks to be us!

    Oh, and what's the latest on The Last Guardian? :P

      Yeah about that...

    what do you reckon the solution to this Artificial Aiming thing is?

    Could Activision, EA and other affected developers team up and take these AA guys to court and sue their asses? That'd be cool (kinda)...

      Hmm, Electronic Arts v Some internet douche's ass & other asses. I can't decide if I would want to read that court report or not.

    Will Murray choke again and make Mark cry huge man tears?

    That asian guy he is playing today is pretty good!

      Hi Choc.

      That Japanese dude is getting straight setted and WE ALL KNOW IT!

      Despite 'BU BU BU BU IVAN LENDL' theories, I think Murray will get parked out in the semis, because Djoko is just way, way too strong at the baseline and Murray struggles against folks that don't make too many unforced errors.

      Murray would have to serve like a beast and play really aggressively to beat Djokovic, and I just don't see how he can do it.

    As a long time lurker and occasional contributor to the Kotaku community what tips can you give to get more involved in the goings on? I have tried the make do forum but one needs far to much time to keep up with the posts on it.

      There is a Twitter list of Talk Amongst Yourselves regulars. Get yourself on that! Ummm, have no link sorry, maybe someone else can help?

      Keeping up with Talk Amongst Yourselves is a titanic effort. But there is no need to keep up with it. The often-unspoken rule is that only the most recent page is read. Just jump in and out whenever you're able.

      I have never been able to keep up with TAY, but I can usually keep track of one comment thread. So my recommendation is to just jump in, remember what page it was on, and most of the conversation will happen on that page. By the time TAY has moved onto a new page the community will usually be talking about something new!

    Does the 'Business Analyst' role exist in the Gaming industry?

      Such a role does exist, but they tend to exist within companies that also do other things. EEDAR is one such industry body that tracks industry trends and sales etc. Within their organisation they have analysts.

      In Australia.... I don't know. I often read gaming articles that quote analysts or go on about "Analysts say..." and I'm thinking who on earth are these analysts and why have I never heard of them? We should get some more local games/business analysts.

        Hey - Thanks heaps for getting back me. Appreciate it!

    Is Australia getting the limited edition of Twisted Metal on ps3 which comes with Twisted Metal Black?

      eb exclusive

        Sweet, thanks! i'd better cancel my order at GAME then!

    Why is Minecraft so popular? I don't see the appeal.

      I would also like to know the answer to this question! (I played Minecraft to see what it was and then I stopped playing because I didn't really care.)

        It's probably because you can build practically anything in it, just like with lego. Which is why I sorta got bored of it, because I couldn't think of anything to build...

        I think I've probably said it somewhere around here a few times before, but I didn't really get it when I first tried it out either. And even though I wasn't enjoying it, I still managed to play the damn thing for like 6 hours straight at a time.

        The moment it became massively fun though was when me and some friends started playing multiplayer. It becomes so much better then, partly because it's not entirely up to you to change the world and create new things, you come back after a day or two and there all these cool new things to check out or your base has a whole new wing added onto it or other kinds of things. Then from time to time our serverguy would throw us a random map or something that was a clue in a treasure hunt, or a group of us would go off exploring a particular thing. So much fun.

        I particularly enjoyed working with redstone and pistons, figuring out how to make all sorts of different mechanisms. Concealed trapdoors, automated castle gates, a kind of piston escalator to force mobs upwards... probably a couple of other things that forget. Man I miss that place.

    Why did Mike Fahey post the most ill researched article of all time ( re: Trent Reznor).??! On Kotaku

      You should ask him that!

    What was your first big break in game journalism?

      No one knew who I was until I worked for Good Game, so I guess I would call that a "big break". My actual (and, size-wise, teeny tiny) break was a few freelancing jobs with PC Powerplay back in 2008.

        I remember that, but I've been a PC PowerPlay reader for a long time.

    Some folks are a bit confused about the KKP comps that Loops ran in TAY (not me though, cos I won nothing).

    Which prizes do you have in the office, and which ones does Loops have in his man-cave? Who gets contacted for what? Why? When? How?

    So, when Valve did their Christmas thing, I noticed the 1/2 price vouchers run out in march some time.
    Riddle me this!? is episode 3 coming out with dota 2 or something rad like that?
    *I know I know episode 3... lol*
    Just got suspicious when I saw that, and March is the end of the Yank financial year right?

      None of the vouchers can be used on games released after the 2nd of january 2012.

      So regardless of when those games are releasing the coupons would be useless if they were active or not.

      So i wouldn't read much into it.

      If march is the end of the US financial year that seems like a much more reasonable justification as to the expiration

    Federer vs Nadal, who ya got?

    Nadal in 5 is my prediction.

      I think Federer has this, personally. Nadal is struggling with his game at the moment, messing about with his strings and such. Also, he just came off a gruelling match against Berdych.

      As I see it, Nadal isn't at full fitness and is suffering a real crisis of confidence. Federer is on an absolute tear -- he hasn't lost since the US Open and is on amazing form. Nadal is a great returner but he's struggled to break people, and Federer is probably the most consistent server in the game.

      TL;DR -- Nadal is adjusting his game and in a transition phase. Federer is on a roll with something to prove.


        Bisping v Sonnen

        Who wins?

          Reply fail. Still, who wins?

          Sonnen wins. But it's going to be way closer than most think. I mentioned this to you before, but the odds on Bisping are ridiculously unfair. He destroyed Mayhem in his last fight. Destroyed him.

          Sonnen has lost 11 fights, it's not as if he's indestructible. He's very beatable.

          That said, if I had to bet the farm, I'd choose Sonnen.

            Bisping could win. He has pretty good takedown defence, and he's yet to be submitted even when fighting against some good wrestlers like Rashad Evans and Matt Hamill. I really can't see Sonnen getting a KO. I think he'll try for the sub in round 1, if he can't get that he'll grind pout a UD.

            yes this guy here is right about both of these things btw

        I'd love to see Federer win, but Nadal always has the psychological edge, and playing Federer always brings out the best in him, especially in Slams, surfaces be damned. The 3rd and 4th sets last night against Berdych was Rafa at his toughest that would be hard even for Federer to handle. I'd like to see how the new Federer backhand fares though, and whether he's got some game plan against Nadal. Should be a great one regardless, even better that I'm watching it live at Rod Laver :D

    Is Mark upset that his movie biography only got 1 Oscar nom (music)?

      As Adam Ruch said before -- I actually play three roles in this movie.

      I play Simon Pegg playing one of the Thompson Twins.
      I am the voice of Captain Haddack
      And I just AM Tintin.

        So you're a male Tilda swinton? :O

    Any idea how we can a Fanatec CSR wheel in Australia?

      Pagnian Imports are the go to guys for anything Fanatec related in Australia.

    How hot does it get in the Kotaku offices? Perth is currently half way through a 2-week heatwave, and today is forecasted for 42 degrees.

    In addition, how do the staff cope with heat? Does Mark's Scottish blood boil? Does Tracy burst into flames? Does Elly melt into a malevolent ooze?

      Air-conditioning keeps us at 22-24 degrees at all times.

        Curse youuuu it feels like 36 in my shop ;_;

    What're some awesome things to do in Sydney whilst I'm being all touristy?

      I am terrible at this because I rarely go outside... Are you here by yourself, with friends, with a lady/man-friend? And are you after recs for food/shopping/galleries/bars? These things will determine what I say!

        I was quite reluctant to leave the hotel room. Inside is the bomb.
        I'm here with a lady friend, just looking for fun things to do. We're from country nsw, so a bowling alley to us is amazing.

          You should go on a ferry ride around the harbour! If you get a My Multi ticket you can take trains, buses, trams and ferries, so you could get a ferry (which would depart from Circular Quay) and at the end of the boat ride you could have lunch at The Rocks (which is next to Circular Quay).

          Paddington is also a lovely area. If you're here on a Saturday you should visit Paddington Markets -- it's very laid-back and there are many nice cafes in the area.

          For a nerdier experience, go to Kino Kuniya (the biggest bookstore in the southern hemisphere!) and try the ramen place right next door (Ichiban Boshi).

          Other cool ideas to visit include Newtown and Glebe. :)

    Serious question:
    TAY is starting to get mental. We are getting almost 1000 posts a day and even those of us who are used to the chaos are struggling to keep up. What are the chances that some sort of official TAY forum could be intergrated into the site?

      We really have pushed that place far beyond what the comment system here can handle.

      Sounds like a good idea to me!

        I would love to have some way to easily track comments.
        Some great discussions start within article comments and its hard to keep up because you have to sort back through multiple pages just to find something you were talking about yesterday.

      Struggling to keep up? What is this madness?? I have no troubles keeping up at all! In fact, I still get bored on there because no one's saying anything!
      Oh, right, that would be because I don't have a job...

      I've had to give it up... I just can't maintain the pace.

    If you were given absolute power, in what way do you think you would most likely wind up abusing it?

      I think I would end up imposing left-leaning democratic governments everywhere, which I guess is an abuse of power!

      For my part, when I get ultimate power, I intend to kick off a huge cull of the human race, Inquisitor-style, in which every useless person will have to justify their existence or be erased.

      Whether or not that's an abuse of power remains to be seen. You might thank me one day.

        Christ I miss Red Dwarf.

        New season being filmed as we spek. \o/

        See, my favorite Inquisition (the WH40K one) doesn't bother with silly questions like that. Exterminus = viral bomb a whole planet and kill all life. Mainly to "save" those who are not yet corrupted but may be in the future. If you're going to cull something - thats the way to do it.

    Should I get Resident Evil: Revelations? I enjoyed the demo.

      I think you answered your own question :)

    What is the general consensus on ffxiii-2 in the office?...and....Anything on versus?

    Is there any chance the THPS HD remake will make it's way to the PS Vita or PC?

    Do you think Star Wars: The Old Republic has basically illiminated any chance of getting a proper single player sequel? Same could be asked for Warcraft too. (Don't mind me, I'm replaying the second game and can feel the bitterness rising at the thought of no more sequels. :P)

      In regards to SWTOR: possibly. KOTOR3 was in development back in 2003 and it was cancelled.

      with Warcraft, Blizzard have already stated once Diablo and Starcraft 2 are completely out the door they're going to go back and do Warcraft 4.

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