Asura’s Wrath And The Revenge Of Boob Physics

Asura’s Wrath And The Revenge Of Boob Physics

A few years ago, “boob physics” — how breasts “jiggled” in video games — was actually a topic of conversation.

This was probably because Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki was actively promoting games during this period — games that featured boob physics.

Boob physics are not a thing of the past — heck, there’s this example from last year. And more recently, there’s this new footage from Asura’s Wrath, a game based on Buddhist mythology and featuring planet splitting battles.

If you don’t like boobs (not everyone does), the footage also features man butt. Or rather, male god butt.

Hot Springs [GameTrailers]


  • Yeah this seems rather stupid and childish really. Was also disappointed that the game is essentially one giant quick time event. Will not be getting this ever. Overall the game is great to watch but bad to play I found.

    • Basically the same, if they ripped out the gameplay and made this as a standalone movie, then I would be on board, simply for the fact of batshit insanity!

      • Same, i can’t justfy spending this kind of money on a slightly interactive anime. Maybe when the price drops to $30 and I’ve got nothing serious on my plate.

  • This whole article is just a shameless attempt to garner a stupid amount of pageviews because it features boobs. I figured these kinds of tactics are usually employed by GameTrailers but now Kotaku is on the boob bandwagon. I mean, where’s the self respect?

    … excuse me as i forward this link to my personal email because I can’t watch the video at work >_>

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