Aussie Nintendo Store: The Prince and RE

After last weeks terrible performance of no titles for Australia, Nintendo decided that they were awake this week and have decided on not only giving us two Virtual Console titles but also some demos. It's amazing really.

Wii Virtual Console Prince of Persia (SNES, Ubisoft, 800 points) - We haven't see a Wii Virtual Console game for a few months, let alone a third party one and what better then the Prince himself? This SNES version of the classic game was good back in the day, any ideas if it stands up now?

3DS Virtual Console Prince of Persia (Game Boy Color, Ubisoft, $7.50) - No, not a typo. Okay, there might be one in here but it's not this. There's two Prince of Persia titles this week, the second being another Game Boy Color title from years past. Anyone remember what this one was like?

3DS Demos Resident Evil Revelations (Capcom, Free) - Not the same demo you got with Mercenaries but a near final demo of the game that's got a little bit of play time this around. Worth the download, it really is going to be a full Resident Evil title on the 3DS.

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic (Majesco) - Less exciting then Resident Evil but still a free demo none the less. This iteration of the series Mama has joined Hogwarts after her parents were mysteriously killed. True story.


    I remember the Gameboy Version of PoP. It was pretty great and close to the original. Played it over and over. I'm not sure if there was a separate GBC version though.

    Lol, its a sad world when we think an e-store is doing "good" by adding a demo and one title.

    The 3DS e-shop should have at least 5-6 titles a week. This is absurd.

      Actually, the E-store is getting plenty of games. We just don't get any of them...

        its takes Nintendo awhile to calculate the markup for Australians

          Shouldn't take that long. All they have to do is multiply the US price by 2. :p

    My girlfreind thrashed Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic. Her review, not as good as the last one. But better than the first one.

    Downloading this now :D

    That Resident Evil demo easily tripled my interest in the game. The only thing that I'm still kind of 'meh' about is the enemies. I miss those crazy zombies... these things remind me of the 'doll-things' that chase you around in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories... not nearly as cool as the OG Zombies...

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