Aussie Nintendo Store: Tripped At The Starting Line

The new year is upon us and the Nintendo download stores have refreshed again this week. Or at least one of them has. This week sees the addition of another Virtual Console title to the 3DS eShop and not much more.

Trip World (Game Boy, Sunsoft, $4.50) — Trip World has you playing as the transforming Yakopoo. Transform to rescue the Flower of Maita which has been stolen, causing the whole to go crazy, or 'tripping' as the cool kids would say.

That's it — that's the only thing this week. Honestly I wouldn't expect much more from WiiWare or DSiWare this year, especially here in Australia. But don't feel bad if Trip World doesn't take you fancy, there's still Pullblox, which I'm sure you haven't downloaded yet! If you have, enjoy a cookie.


    "Honestly I wouldn’t expect much more from WiiWare or DSiWare this year" - A bold statement given its January 6th.

    How come we don't have these sort of posts for PSN and XBL updates? I think they'd be very informative to most people since there's usually a lot of content every week :D

      eg. Wild Arms was released yesterday on PSN, and I would not have known if I didn't randomly go browse on the PS Store.

        It's probably because there's no Vooks for PSN or XBLA.

    A couple times we've had some other content the day after we only get a GB game. We'll see though.

    If the Nintendo eShop was wellstocked with NES and SNES classics that ran on Wii / 3DS I'd be seriously onboard. I don't get it. Don't they like money?

    Don't forget to download Letter Box if you haven't! Lots of addictive fun there :)

    Shame we don't get the the 3D classic version of Kid Icarus for (kind of) free like Europe does.

      Hmm I thought we would, being under the Euro region?
      I hope we are anyways. I checked their list and I have 2 of those games registered so I'm still hopefuly ;)
      But then again, it is Nintendo Australia :(

    3 Reasons why Nintendo's Digital Strategy is completely gimped:

    1. The range is extremely limited
    2. When you make a purchase it is bound to the device you made the purchase (you can't move digital purchases off the machine)
    3. Nintendo charge Australians at least 50% more for Wii Points (That's worse than Sony, EA, Microsoft and Apple!!)

    Seriously, Nintendo... you're kidding right now.

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