Be My (Geeky) Valentine

One year I demanded flowers for Valentine's Day before realising I don't like flowers. Another year I demanded a card before deciding it was too mushy and stupid. Clearly I am not cut out for Valentine's Day. But if you are, then these gaming-themed cards might work a treat in helping you woo the geeky male/female/genderless person of your dreams.



    did anyone else go "nawww" then realise they are forever alone and get super depressed?

      Hmm, I'd say thats... just you. Hehehehehehehehehe.

      Valentines day, reminding me Im single for 25 years.

    Will you be my valentine? Think about it a bit. If yes then good, if not, who gives a shit?

    I'll be spending this Valentine's like i spend them all, getting older and drunker.

    You demand things for Valentines Day?
    Yeesh... Talk about high maintenance...

      High maintenance sure is a thing that I am! This year I have demanded that I receive nothing.

        You're as bad as my wife. Whenever birthday/xmas/anniversary/valentine's day etc roll around and the topic comes up, she always insists on the old "don't get me anything" line.

        So far I have not yet been stupid enough to actually fall for that, though.

        Anyone one with a mrs would know when you are told "don't get me anything" she really means "I don't want to seem needy so I will tell you not to get me anything but if you stupid enough to listen to that then I doubt we will see next valentines"

          I disagree, I did this exact thing. My girlfriend at the time said I don't want anything for val's day, it's so commercialised blah blah blah, so I got her nothing. She chucked a wobbly and I told her to pull her head in. I had a picnic and everything planned, but I don't want to spend the day with a spoiled saying that, I prefer to be single. The grass isn't always greener, the only probably is getting the good stuff without the arduous task of dating. :P

        Everyone knows that's a trap. No girl asks for nothing with the intention of getting nothing ;)

          If she gets nothing, then you can be damn sure that YOU"LL be getting nothing, too. For a long, long time afterwards ;P

            Damn I must be lucky then, I don't have to buy her a thing and receive no guilt trip for doing so. Maybe she just loves my mad skills! Haha gotta find the right one and if you have to compromise the things you enjoy doing its not worth it

          There isn't really any physical object I want that I haven't already gone out and bought for myself, I don't wear jewellery (I've even stopped wearing a watch!) and I don't like clutter. I once asked a boyfriend if he could just buy me a whole bunch of plain notepads that I could use to take journalism notes and he did not get me that. I am a practical lady!

            Yeah my lady is a bit like that, says she wants nothing and generally means it. But if I don't get her something she looks sad.

            So Last time she asked for nothing, I got her coupons that she can cash in to get me to do stuff I normally don't like, or go do things, or even not play games a day/evening.

            Went over better than any of the jewelry I bought her.

            I'm exactly the same - makes it difficult for anyone to buy for me :)

    i'd love to give any one of these to bee just to have her say "what.. the...f.... i don't get it?"

    At least it will be amusing to me!

      come to think of it.. she played limbo with me, so this article has now given me the brilliant idea to do a Limbo themed valentines for her :D

    I actually give my girlfriend practical things on Valentine's Day.

    Like iTouches and Kindles.

    Yes, more expensive but I find it is more worthwhile than the usual rubbish that constitutes flowers, cards and chocolate.

    (PS - My girlfriend is allergic to jewellery!!! :) )

      I always tell her I love her because I have a legitimate reason to not buy her any of that shiny crap...

    I would have loved some contemporary examples but retro is still cool.

      There's actually a list of Skyrim ones coming at 4pm. :D

    This is so god damn lame, I love it.
    I'm buying one for my girlfriend

      BETTER IDEA!!!

      1. Take picture of wang
      2. Photoshop wang into zelda picture
      3. Use photoshop to alter text. "It's dangerious to go alone, take this. Take all of it"
      4. ?????

        I see someone went to the Kanye West school of romantic gifts.

          That's nothing.
          I know someone who went to the R Kelly school of romance.

            Chris Brown school of romance, REPRESEEEEENNNTTTT

            Here's your gift, (hint: it's me). Don't like it? SMACKINYOFACE!

            Then get still adored by women world-wide because you can sing.

    I actually have someone to spend my valentine's day with, but she's not quite the gamer I am and probably won't appreciate these on the same level I would.

      If you were a real egotist you could send one of these to yourself...

    This morning I stumbled across this: RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS?

    Makes me wish I had a bloody printer.

    Maybe a printer for valentines...


    I will make these and send them to myself.

    I was going to tell my missus not to get me anything... but then she mentioned something about a certain new Sony handheld... so I shut my mouth. I shall accept my punishment and suffer many sleepless nights and blistered thumbs.

    oh woe is me.... ¶:Þ

    By the way im also entitled to a game of my choice... Any recommendations, cause ill be quite honest theres not much in the current library that catches my eye. except maybe uncharted 3, or rayman origins or wipeout... any recommendations?

      Everybody's Golf is ALWAYS awesome, no matter what device it's on.


    Am I the only one that thought of the Ralph "Choo-Choo Choose You" when I saw this article?

    There are a lot of lonely people on the part of the Internet where people talk about games. It makes me want to go out and get all of you valentines, because I am super caffinated and I need a task to do.

    This reminds me of that one picture of a bro that gave his girl a Pokemon Blue cart and the party was nicknamed

    And all the Pokes were lvl100. Usually all the grinding I do in relationships is a little different IF YOU CATCH ME.

    How about a Kotaku AU Secret Valentines type deal? (IE like Secret Santa)

    I think I'll steal the Pokemon idea.... Thanks!

    I was wondering where all these Australian customers were coming from!! Thanks,!!! The support has been fantastic!!! <3

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