Become A Deadly Tourist With Assassin's Creed: Revelations' Mediterranean Traveller Map Pack

Take a whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean on January 24 when Ubisoft releases the Mediterranean Traveller Map Pack for Assassin's Creed: Revelations, featuring three brand-new killing floors and a handful of Brotherhood leftovers.

Slated for release on January 24, the Mediterranean Traveller Map Pack gives Assassin's Creed multiplayer fans a chance to romp through the holy city of Jerusalem, the imperial district of Constantinople, and the colourful Dyers mercantile district, jumping out from behind things and stabbing other people dead as they go, which is pretty much how I expect the tourist trade worked back then. Show up in a foreign country with a Hawaiian shirt and a camera and you were begging to be shivved by a creepy doctor.

Along with the brand new sights and sounds, the pack also includes the Firenze, San Donato, and Siena maps from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, which I fondly remember as "those places I kept cursing at until the round was over".

All six new maps will be available on January 24 for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Euro prices are set at 800 Microsoft Points and £7.99, so adjust accordingly.


    So... (I could be slightly wrong here but...) player's bought the map for AC: Brotherhood, and are now being asked to buy the same maps again to play with AC:Revelations? What the hell kind of a racket is this?

    Wow, paying for exactly the same maps that were free in AC2 in a game I just paid $80 for!

    Help me take off my pants!

    Like this hasn't been done before...

    But whatever. People will still buy it and they'll continue to do so. What do we really expect the devs to do? It's far to easy to rehash old levels and put a nice shiny coating on them. Why should they consistently produce original content when the brunt of the work has already been done.

    Anything for a quick profit eh Ubi?

    Apart from the annoyance of having to pay for extra maps (which would probably use the same engine from AC:B and be able to be ported very easily) - it's likely that not enough players would get them and so you'd rarely get a chance to play them, a la Bioshock 2.

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