Become The True Enemy In Dead Island's Ryder White DLC

Now that we've experienced the horrors of Banoi island through the eyes of Dead Island's four protagonists, it's time to get a little antagonistic. Villain Ryder White steals the spotlight in the next instalment of Dead Island downloadable content.

Featuring an all-new story packed with hours of gameplay, the Ryder White downloadable content for Dead Island should provide players with a fresh perspective on what went down during the worst summer holiday ever. Brain-hungry zombies are bran-hungry zombies no matter what side of the evil scale you fall on.

Why should we care about White's side of the story? I'll let public relations eccentric Aubrey Norris explain via the official press release.

"I always like to think of antagonist characters not as evil, but simply….misunderstood," evil Marketing & PR Tarantula Aubrey Norris argued while sharpening her talons and drinking the blood of the innocent from a jewel encrusted chalice. "Ryder White was obviously suffering from a massive case of beast mood in Dead Island, and I think it's only fair we got to learn his side of the story."

There's something not right with that woman.

Thankfully there's nothing wrong at all with more downloadable story content for Dead Island. Look for Ryder White's tale to hit the PlayStation 3 on January 31 for $US9.99 and the Xbox 360 on February 1 for 800 Microsoft points.


    'Who do you Voodoo?', indeed.

    I haven't played this game but I've quietly watched from a distance. This sounds really good actually. Makes me want a "complete" collection of some sort down the track.

    Wonder if its the same voice artist from the main game, all those fake australian accents start to hurt your ears if you can't tone it out.

    What about the PC version?

      Oh well I guess Steam will let me know when its available

    Spoiler alert much?

    For people who haven't played the game, they're now going to jump in and have White's motives ruined for them.


      Totally agree... what the hell kotaku? -_- '

        What spoiler? That the bad guy has a name? Seriously, it does not matter in any way that you know he has a name and is angry!

          Well I just went through the sewers in chapter 2 of Dead Island and didn't know theres a "bad guy". So yes it kind of is a spoiler.

    Other sources suggest the the PC release date and price is the same as the PS3.

    Who knew that brains contained bran?

    "Brain-hungry zombies are bran-hungry zombies"

    $US9.99 so expect to pay 50-60 more and it to be more likely around $15.99

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