Before Robot Chicken, Before Mass Effect, Seth Green Did This

He also appeared in the Austin Powers and a bunch of other stuff. But we're not talking about that right now.

Now, we are talking about Seth Green's first Robot Chicken style short from 1999, which was recently aired again on Conan. Have a look!

In the short, Britney Spears is crazy. Very, very crazy.

Seth Green's First "Robot Chicken" Style Short From 1999 [Team Coco]


    How is this related to games?....

      Probably because he was the pilot of the Normandy in the Mass Effect series?

      ffs it is a blog. and everything doesn't have to be related to games. if you don't like it, don't read it. it's that simple.

        How do I know I don't like it unless I read it?

          there's a headline

            I think you guys are missing the point. I don't object to covering a known actor who has been involved with Mass Effect (which I love). What I do object to is Bashcraft's and Kerplunkett's outright refusal to write complete articles that actually tie the information to something relevant, if they even decide to write more than one sentence.

            By the headline I still expected something that would have some relevance to games, not just "loosely about someone in games". There's also an article on this 'blog' about a developer getting a leg injury with almost no explanation aside from a link to the source, is this what we expect from professional gaming journalists these days?

              Yes. It is. Christ it took you literally 3 seconds to discern it wasn't for you and another minute to complain about it. It's not like you're paying for this content, what right do you actually have to complain? What the hell is wrong with people's sense of entitlement these days. if something does suck, it's easier to ignore it and just take the good with the bad. if you want content so bad, go out and google it yourself. now i've wasted MY time explaining the relevance of your complaint and someone's probably willing to point out the irony because we're all losers who have too much time on our hands. in4b "i'm not a loser i left highschool at age 15 and earn more in a day than most of you do in a month"

                I forgot, I'm not allowed to criticise anything that's free, even if its business model is for profit.

                I do have nothing better to do right now, I'm at work and running test cases ugh. :(


    Haha, the Force wasn't strong with me on that one.

    "Bashcraft’s and Kerplunkett’s" did I miss the introduction of these nicknames?

      Kerplunkett is definitely new to me. But it's so apt and hillarious.

        "But it’s so apt and hillarious." - I agree.

        The US articles reek/stink/smell of laziness, pure 'n simple.

    So many people defending US crap?

    Is bashcraft and Kerplunkett trolling KotakuAU now or have the got some of their idiot followers to do it for them?

      Someone on the US site must have linked the yankees to our comment section. It's the only explanation.

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