Behold The Awesome Power Of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Moogle

Behold The Awesome Power Of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Moogle

They’re not just about floating about saying “Kupo” anymore. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, many of the game’s most important mechanics are Moogle-powered.

I’m not a picky Final Fantasy fan. All I want is a lengthy adventure of some sort and an adorable little floating critter by my side at all times. So I think I’m going to get along fine with Final Fantasy XIII-2 when it hits January 31. I’ll while away the hours just wandering about with my little Moogle friend, finding hidden objects, gaining combat bonuses, and just generally having one kupo of a good time.

Man, is it really less than a month away? My thumbs are twitching just thinking about it.


  • I dont think i wll ever play another FF game again 13 ruined them for me for ever, how did they get away with creating a game that literally played it self…….. 10 was the last great game 🙁

    • Boy do I get sick of the so often heard ‘FFXIII was rubbish, thus the series has gone to shit.’ argument.

      Since X, XI can’t be counted due to it being an MMO, an XII was highly underrated – one of the biggest reasons it was overlooked is because it came so late in the PS2’s life cycle, and god forbid, Squenix actually changed something in Final Fantasy – and people shat bricks. Forgetting the change to core combat in XII is largely cosmetic, it’s underlying turn-based mechanics remained unchanged. I mean really, how many times more could Squenix churn out the same slightly varied, but at it’s core unchanged formula that is all Final Fantasy up to X? XII was an attempt at evloving the series, and XIII was a furthering of that.

      Look I fully appreciate why some people don’t like XIII, I actually enjoyed it. There were some things I really didn’t like about it, but the same could be said for every Final Fantasy. Nor was XIII the highlight of the series.

      So much of the general negative vibe towards Squenix of late really feels like bandwagon hate. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since importing FFIII on my SNES from the US, but I understand times and games change. This doesn’t mean you MUST like it, but many people really need to move on from FFVII-FFIX and realise the game has changed. It had to.

      Instead of looking at XIII-2 and going *moanmoanFFisshitnowmoanmoan* be excited for what it could be. If you took XIII for what it was an enjoyed it like I did, XIII-2 looks to be a worthy sequel full of improvements and some sexy looking gameplay. If you hated XIII, look at XIII-2 as Squenix’s chance to make it up to you – which is honestly what I think this game is, at it’s core.

      • “Boy do I get sick of the so often heard ‘FF (insert number i hate here) was rubbish, thus the series has gone to shit.’ argument. ”

        There I fixed it for you =P

        Honestly everytime an FF comes out that no one likes (which today is XIII, it was once IX then XI and some said XII) or gets overlooked everyone screams FF IS DEAD! RUN FOR THE HILLS PEOPLE!

        FF dies when SquEnix dies. As long as they can afford and break even on costs and merchandising their going to be able to make FF fer as long as gaming is around

    • As long as there is a good story, supported by solid controls, visuals & audio – most games can be fun.
      With that said, as I work through my pile of shame… FF XIII is yet to be played for longer than 20 minutes 🙂
      I’ll probably pick up no. 2 and play the 2 games one after the other.

  • FFVI – Moogle as a main character
    FFIX – Moogles ran an important courier service
    FFTacticsAdvance – Moogles became a playable race

    Explain to me how they’ve only being sitting around saying Kupo this whole time.

  • Lol, I was worried there for a sec, at first glance on the main page I thought it said VIII-2, and that Squall was now cross-dressing with Rinoa’s outfit…

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