BioWare Gives Mass Effect Statue A Breast Reduction

There's a headline I never thought I'd be writing.

In a rare/strange/welcome move, Mass Effect creators BioWare have responded to fan feedback from the initial design for a statue based on the series' Liara and given the piece a breast reduction.

As you can see in the initial shots of the statue here, she was originally quite well-endowed. Which was a little strange given the tone of both the character and the series itself (though, yes, the entire point of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line is to bring the sexy).

In new images of the piece released by Kotobukiya yesterday, though - and spotted by Eurogamer - BioWare seems to have listened to the November feedback and had them scale back the size of the character's chest accordingly.

I still think it's a pretty stupid statue - given the nature of the line and of the franchise a character like Miranda would probably have been more appropriate - but hey, let's see if crowd-sourced video game merchandise breast reductions become a thing. Because that would be hilarious.

MASS EFFECT美少女 リアラ・ティッソーニ [Kotobukiya]


    Face looks nothing like her.

      My first thought. Even if I wanted a Liara statue (and I kind of do) there's no sale here.

      Because clearly this is from Mass Effect 3, after she's gone through her facial re-construction surgery in order to blend in more with the locals in Neo-Tokyo.

      Did you guys even read the article? Luke even pointed to the wiki article on Bishōjo.

        who cares, it looks like shit. Liara does not look creepy like that.

        I bet they designed it that way for frecking J-culture fanatics would salivate over it.

        Japan: simultaneously advancing our technological lives and devaluing our sense of taste.

          "Japan: simultaneously advancing our technological lives and devaluing our sense of taste."

          There it is. The most xenophobic thing I've read all week.

            I know, right.

            Check out his comment further down the page.

            I can't tell if he is racist or just ignorant... perhaps both?

            As someone who has a number of Bishoujo figures this looks great, perhaps learn what a Bishoujo is before crying about it being exactly what it's meant to be.

              I'm not racist, lol, my family is japanese, and even they say their's some creepy stuff around.

                Also, sorry if I did offend anyone. Just keep the japanese culture to japanese games. Most of us would prefer a 3D print of the liara in ME2.

    The detail on the statue is awesome. But as ruffle pointed out face is totally different. She looks like anime remake of liara.

      Got to say the same, the detail is amazing, the face looks fake/anime/no resemblance at all.

      The entire series of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo IS remake of famous characters done by Shunya Yamashita. It's basically a statue based on fanarts.

    wow. They totally nerfed the face. I think this sums it up.

    The face is weird, and if you're not going for a carbon copy then why not give the statue the giant breasts?

    I think we can all agree that the Bishoujo style doesnt work here though I find it surprising that I was more accepting of the Bishoujo models they have in their Marvel collection;

    That said I think we would all love to see Bioware team up with a another company and create quality models of the crew members as they appear in the series.

    "BioWare Gives Mass Effect Statue A Breast Reduction"

    I think I can hear Bashcraft crying from here.

    I'm assuming this is for the Otaku crowd, which would require a more "Japanese-friendly" appearance. I'm glad they toned the boobs down, they were ridiculous.

    The anime-fication is the whole point of Kotobukiya’s bishoujo line. They're all based on character drawings by artist Shunya Yamashita, it's not and never was supposed to be a dead-on, game accurate representation.

    As a fan of ME and a total pervert... er, I mean a fan of Shunya Yamashita's art, I am totally buying this.

    So they listened about the boobs but paid no attention to the vast amounts of people saying the face was completely wrong. I guess you can't have everything.

    ugh, why are people complaining about the face? It was obvious when this was announced that it was an "anime" styled version of the character - and I think was announced as such.

    that could be any asari, just in Liaras clothes which is a dreadful effort really, intelligent looks are what make her sexy not a Japanese makeover!!! FACT

    Anime style of western stuff in particular is LAME. I take games more seriously then creepy looking faces and weird cutesy bullshit.

    Bioware should just scrap it. Do a 3D print of ME2's Liara and you can have every ME fans money.

      although it's bad business, i wager they're unwilling to respond to the requests of the ignorant and unlikeable at heart.

    The words "Breast Reduction" gave Bashcraft a hemorrhoid.

    is a cool statue

    While I'm fine with accuracy in figures, doesn't the reduction defeat the point of the bishoujo art style?

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