Block The Internet In Tropico 4's Next Expansion

If you're getting tired of banning contraception all the time or holding inquisitions, then Tropico 4's upcoming expansion, Modern Times, could be exactly what your banana republic needs. Seeing as it'll include the ability to filter your citizens' internet access, you can even give it that "future Australia" feel, if you like.

The Cold War was a fun time, for sure, but you can't blame Kalypso for wanting to bring Tropico into the present. According to the developer, the expansion will come with 30 fresh structures to build, among them biofarms and skyscrapers. There's also ten new edicts, including one which will let you limit or outright block internet access.

Now that's modern.

Rounding out the added content is a 12-mission campaign, so you can try out all this fancy stuff outside the bounds of free play.

While not mentioned in the expansion's announcement, going by the video, it looks like you'll be able to get a space program off the ground, if mining asteroids sounds more exciting that cultivating the finest tobacco (not that you'll be able to mine asteroids).

That rocket staging platform looks awfully close to civilisation — I don't know anyone who'd enjoy having massive chucks of ice from the liquid hydrogen tanks smashing through their roof. Just another day living under a dictatorship (and Saturn V), I guess.

Tropico 4: Modern Times Teaser PEGI [YouTube via RPS]


    Australia isn't at risk of massive internet censoring, that's America.

      Senator Conroy's Internet filter hasn't gone away. He's just trying to work out how he can get Australia's ISPs to implement his plan for him.

      SOPA's definitely got the lion's share of attention, but yeah, I wouldn't turn my back on our own filter just yet. :)

      Also, if America is at risk of massive internet censoring, we are ALL at risk of massive internet censoring.

      Actually SOPA affects more than just the US.

      Also this is rather amusing. I wonder if this was something they had planned for a while or if the talk about SOPA got them to add it.

        More likely the long standing Iranian and Chinese internet filters

    Thanks for this Logan. Viva El Presidente.

    the real problem here is those cares driving right next to the shuttle during launch

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