Bury Yourself In Soft And Cuddly Plush Worms

After spending the past 17 years trying to kill them it's a lovely change of pace to be able to cuddle them. Team17 has just launched a new line of plushies based on one of the most adorable war game franchises ever, Worms.

With such iconic character designs it's a wonder we haven't been buried in Worms merchandise before now. This latest group of stuffed invertebrates not only features worms in plain, commando, and pirate flavours, it also includes the adorable Super Sheep. Who doesn't less than three the Super Sheep?

All four plushies are now available for purchase at GameOn Stuff's Facebook store for £8 (about $12) each, with keychain versions available for £5 ($8). They ship from the UK, so be sure to account for shipping time. Hopefully they won't just drop them near your home in a giant crate and make you crawl to it.

Worms Plush Store [GameOn Stuff]

Worms Plush Store [GameOn Stuff]


    I am amazed that this hasn't been done before! I might need to get one plus a Super Sheep! Holy Hand Grenade & Concrete Donkey would be awesome also!

    Worms may not be the most popular franchise these days sadly, but who could possibly deny the awesomeness of these items?

    I must have one.

    They look awesome!

    Also, this is not a sentence:
    "Who doesn’t less than three the Super Sheep?"

      he means "who doesn't love the super sheep?" less than 3 makes a little love heart, like so, <3 and here is a smiley face to brighten your day :)

        ahaaaa! I see what you both did there! :P

        although that doesn't account for the double linking of the store just below the next paragraph ;)

    Welp, looks like I got my sister's next Christmas/birthday present sorted.

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