Call Of Duty Dominates Xbox Live’s Top 10

Call Of Duty Dominates Xbox Live’s Top 10

The three most recent editions of Call of Duty went one-two-three in the top 20 of Xbox Live’s most-played titles, as measured by unique users connected to the service, reports Major Nelson. The only thing in the top 10 that wasn’t a shooter or sports title was Skyrim, at #6.

Black Ops was #1; November release Modern Warfare 3 was #2 and 2009 release Modern Warfare 2 was #3, making Call of Duty the SEC West of video games. (That’s a US sports joke, son, you’re not supposed to get it.)

Halo: Reach was #4 and Battlefield 3 was #5. The full top 20:

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 4. Halo: Reach 5. Battlefield 3 6. Skyrim 7. Gears of War 3 8. FIFA 12 9. FIFA Soccer 11 10. Madden NFL 12 11. GTA IV 12. NBA 2K11 13. Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 14. Call of Duty 4 15. Battlefield 3 Beta 16. Halo 3 17. Gears of War 2 18. Forza Motorsport 4 19. Red Dead Redemption 20. Call of Duty: World at War

In other categories, Pinball FX2 was the top Xbox Live Arcade game (measured by full versions purchased, in this case the base game, not all of its tables.) FortressCraft was the top indie game, Age of Empires Online was the top Games for Windows game, and Angry Birds was the top Windows Phone game. See the full rankings at the link.

Top Games of 2011 [Major Nelson]


    • It just shows that CoD has a much larger fanbase than other games, whether or not this is something we agree with or not (for the record I don’t) I can recognise that this is a huge franchise that I just can’t stand. I do, however, recognise that that is pretty terrible considering there is no substance to the multiplayer beyond I want a bigger gun.

    • Agreed. I used to love CoD particularly 2 and 3, and even world at war, but now modern warfare has become so generic I just can’t stand the franchise anymore.

      • Yet CoD3 is just a poor copy of CoD2 and WaW is just a poor copy of CoD4.
        Except with a decent zombies mode.

  • “The only thing in the top 10 that wasn’t a shooter or sports title was Skyrim, at #6.”

    Didn’t realise FIFA 11 and 12 and NFL12 were shooters…

    • “The only thing in the top 10 wasn’t a shooter or sports title“?
      That aside, my main concern with the CoD series is essentially that it is strangling innovation (if there was any) in the genre, where now almost every darn commercial multiplayer FPS now feels like a CoD clone.

    • Nope, in fact today CS 1.6 had 10k more players than MW3 (63k) at it’s peak & CSS had 2k than MW3’s peak.

      And Skyrim held the lead at 105k today.In fact, CSS, CS 1.6 & TF2 at the moment have more players in them than MW3.

  • Hell yes. CoD on top where it belongs. This is just concrete proof that it’s a superior game. Take that BF fanboys!

    • Sir, I have engaged in sexual acts with your mother, because your sexual orientation is not of a heterosexual nature, therefore making your point invalid.

    • Oh come on now, you have to do better than that 😛

      Heh, the only game i’ve played in that top 10 was MW2 and it was “meh” at best. I never saw what was so great about the Call of Duty’s or Halo’s tbh.

  • The elitists on this site bagging out CoD.. hillarious

    Maybe they should continue sucking up to Mark in the hope he gives them free stuff or to Tracey in the hope that she will date and marry them…

    The comments here are so predictable – ie about CoD: worst game in the world, banned game in OZ: stupid lack of R18 and blame every idiotic politician who thinks we are children, re-hashed Mario titled game: Nintendo is god… wash, rinse, repeat.

    • As a CoD fan I read the first line and thought “Ha! Finally someone who isn’t hating on CoD just because it’s cool” and then I read the rest of your comment and then my thoughts became “Wow. This guy is clearly a moron.”

      Tracey give me free stuff and Mark, date and marry me!

      P.S. Logan you’re cool because your name is Logan…oh and you do good articles…can you marry me as well?

      P.P.S. Ahh screw it!! Mark, Tracey AND Logan…will you all marry me? We can be like Oprah, Gayle, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil. We’ll get our own talk show, have memes based on us and take the world by storm! Then we’ll show those DansDans of the world! We’ll show them all!!

    • Calm down, you’ll give yourself a coronary.

      As you can see Flu & Freeze & even Chazz took to your idiocy in a laughable manner. I personally thought you were just disrespectful and for that I cannot respect someone with such a fowl opinion.

      • curse my opinions. oh no, some internet people don’t like my comment. might as well go shoot myself now. sad life I lead, etc etc

        when will this torment end. fanboys taking this site so seriously. river. cried. disrespectful? that’s hilarious. read the hate in some of these comments. I’m not sure you grasp the proper use of the word.

        • Ah the loud and proud voice of the uninformed and linguistically challenged. It’s like watching a beetle try to upright itself. The determined flailing and all. Always good for a laugh.

  • There is no god, please wake me up from this infernal nightmare.

    I’m not saying that COD is merely bad, or that its the same thing every year. I’m saying that it has both no life and no soul within it. I even heard that they duplicated the “No Russian” nonsense into something similarly “controversial” and “edgy” when they clearly manipulate their audience’s feelings and make their game look better than it actually is. I heard that the rest is superficially “good” but it just doesn’t matter when your games especially the single player campaigns are nearly identical between each game.

    And before anyone asks, I’ve played World at War and the original COD, and they were both horrendously mediocre. I’ve heard that MW is better, but judging from what I’ve seen, all the MW’s are pretty much the same so…

    Some reviews of MW3, ESPECIALLY Destructoid’s, are downright disgusting. Giving Mario K7 a 5 for not changing anything and then giving MW3 a 9.5 (you read that right) is one of the biggest instances of hypocrisy in gaming journalism today.

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