Capcom Bar Serves Edible Resident Evil 'Brains'

On January 25, Capcom, the game company behind Resident Evil and Street Fighter, will open...a bar. It's called Capcom Bar. Clever.

As previously posted, the bar will have booze and food and it will play host to Capcom promotional events.

Wonder what to expect? Monster Hunter meat (fitting), Ace Attorney seafood pasta (oh), and Resident Evil brains (awesome). It's not real brains. Just cake shaped like brains.

Have a look at the other dishes on the menu in the gallery above.

Capcom Bar is located on the first floor of Pasela in Shinjuku.

1月25日オープンの「カプコンバー」 [4Gamer]



    If it's anything like their gaming division lately, you can expect shitty stale food, with DLC to get the full meal.

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