Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes For Xbox Live Indie Games

To ring in the new year, the folks behind the Xbox Live Indie Channel has announced a few changes. The changes will allow for submission of larger games, new price points, and a new maximum number of titles per developer.

From the official XNA Game Studio Team Blog:

Higher maximum CCGAME size

Since the start of Xbox LIVE Indie Games, CCGAME bundles submitted for Xbox LIVE Indie Games were limited to a maximum size of 150MB. We've heard all the great feedback on this subject and today we are pleased to inform you that developers are now able to submit CCGAME bundles up to 500MB through App Hub for publishing on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

New limit for 80 point games

Another area we're adjusting today is the requirement that titles larger than 50MB be priced at either 240 or 400 points. After raising our maximum size we've decided to also raise this limit. Starting today you can apply the 80 point price to any game with a CCGAME size under 150MB, which is three times the current limit of 50MB.

More titles per developer

The last change affects a fewer number of developers, but we still believe it's an important update. Originally developers were limited to just eight titles on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. When Creators Club became App Hub, we raised the limit up to 10. We're happy today to let you know that we're again raising this limit up to 20 titles per developer.

They go on to suggest visiting their forum thread on the topic if you have any questions and comments.

As a note/disclosure, Kotaku runs a "Kotaku's Favorites" pane on the Indie Games dashboard. We apologise that we won't be updating it until late in the month, after which point we'll be updating it on our usual schedule. We've been a bit delayed by our own ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, dontcha know.

Happy new Year Xbox Live Indie Games! [XNA Game Studio Team Blog]


    I dream about a day where we don't waste time and money on classifying media that is clearly going to be suitable for all. Then again this is Australia and apparently we enjoy getting told what we can and can't do. Even when we're adults we're clearly incapable of making decisions on our own.

    Now, let Australians SEE the Indie Game section on the Dashboard!!

    Can someone please clarify why exactly the Indie Games are not available in Australia??

      The Wikipedia Entry sum's it up- "Indie Games are not available in Australia, due to the requirement for all games to be rated by the Australian Classification Board, and the prohibitive expenses involved."

      It has to do with classification. to get a rating takes time and money. indi games are made largly by amature game creators from all around who dont have said time money that and the fact that there are already thousands of games on the channel and each of them has to individualy go through the calassifcation board for a rating is just to much of a shitstorm for microsoft to deal with,

    I think even if every 360 gamer in the country bought an indie game, it wouldn't make back the money it cost to get it through our censorship.

    100 MS Points = $1.65 (unless I'm forgetting the maths)

    Since the iPhone and Andriod's call there apps there is no censorship process so they are kinda circumventing it, which is why many people think the industry not only needs a R18+ rating but a degree of self regulation.

    There is no money in making a game like Syndicate (recently refused classification) and trying to sneak it through as a G, I think EA would just go R18+ and play it safe rather than call it an MA15+ game and risk the penalties for getting it wrong.

    That way when a parent gives their twelve year old an R rated game they look stupid. Much like back in the old days when Duke 3D rated MA15+ was given to eight year olds, and told they shouldn't be playing this. A spokesman from the pro gamer side asked why they ignored the MA15+ rating, and they dropped him from the segment.

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