Check Out DMC: Devil May Cry Gameplay Footage. Then, Talk Hair.

Check Out DMC: Devil May Cry Gameplay Footage. Then, Talk Hair.

With DMC: Devil May Cry, the iconic Capcom series has been shipped off to Westerners to develop. The game is being handled by Ninja Theory, the folks behind Heavenly Sword.

In this recent gameplay clip, the developers talk about DMC. Meanwhile, I just stared at the hair.

Back when the game was first revealed at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, I asked a handful of Devil May Cry cosplayers about the debut trailer. They weren’t too enthused. Maybe this gameplay footage will change their mind?

DMC: Devil May Cry [YouTube]


  • Have a friend that got a hair cut a short time ago that looks like dante’s new hair.
    We made sure it was publicly known ಠ_ಠ

  • I’ve enjoyed everything Ninja Theory have released. I dig new takes on classic characters. Bring it on. After all, it can’t possibly be worse than DMC2.

  • I really don’t like the new character art. I mean they could’ve just made him a new character really. Plus his hair makes me think of Billie Joe Armstrong from green day and I don’t like them any more. =(
    Also I don’t know if I like the enemy designs as we’ve only seen maybe 3 maximum.
    I will still keep an eye on the game and see if it can change my opinion.

  • I really like the new look. It fits the kind of character they’re building. The old Dante didn’t have much of a personality beyond the surface, which was kinda meh for me. That said, I’ll stake anything that this won’t be a triple-A quality, (which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t do well) main reason being it won’t bring anything new that players haven’t seen before.

  • As long as it improves on DMC3’s combat variety – the number of weapons, movelists of those weapons, number of styles – that’s really all that matters.

    I just can’t see them doing that though. What I see them doing is spending far too much time on the crummy story, the generic characterization, and the flashy one-offs, just like DMC4 did and just like Bayonetta did, and ending up with yet another DMC ‘successor’ that doesn’t come close to the depth and complexity of 3.

    Especially when the project lead spends more time making the main character look like himself than he does making him play well.

  • The combat shots look super here. Everything else- shit. *sigh* I’ll be happy to be turned around on it, I just can’t see how they could do so so far. How clear can it be that they’re making bad stuff if fans level death threats at them? If they are almost universally reviled? Guys- don’t make a game in the Devil May Cry series if people show THIS level of negative reaction. You lose before you start. Admit it- and move on.

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