Check Out Square Enix's Brand New Headquarters

This Summer Square Enix, the home of everything from Final Fantasy to (these days) Deus Ex, will be moving house, shifting its headquarters to a brand new building located in Shinjuku's East Side Square.

It looks like a hospital. From the future.

[via Gamasutra]


    Man, it must really stand out surrounded by that glass city.

    Also is that one floor with a really high ceiling, are we missing a dozen floor plans or is every floor identical?

    Clearly a slow news day if we're reporting that a developer is moving offices.

      Every day's a slow news day when Plunkett's on the case.

    Look I understand that we shouldn't bag the reporter if we don't enjoy their work, but when 'articles' of two sentences and an image are posted, some of them are just digging their own graves, and asking for it.

      Well at least this isn't a story that's been milked or anything and It's something that believe it or not actually interests some readers such as myself.

      Whoever said that every Kotaku post needs to be an 'article?' I dont give a shit if its 3 words and no picture if I find it interesting.

    I know people will disagree with me but shouldn't they be spending money on actually making "BETTER" games tahtn trying to build a fancy building...and yes I know that Square Enix does other media related stuff other than video games such as anime and magazines but still don't need a fancy building...

    I agree completely but a little more information would be nice, and worthwhile.

    I'm just thankful its not another effing skyrim post..

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