Check Out The First Pages Of Detective Comics #5

Gruesome things have been happening in the recently rebooted Detective Comics. How gruesome, you ask? [Spoilers if you haven't been reading.]

The Joker's had his his face removed. Hapless citizens of Gotham have gotten cut to pieces and sewn back together, courtesy of a new villain called The Dollmaker. It's been a grotesquely violent run by Tony Daniel and crew, with fast-moving action and twisty clue-hunting by the Dark Knight in a very well-drawn run.

Now Kotaku's got a sneak peek at the first few pages from Detective Comics #5, which opens with a cult-like Joker demonstration. It's out this Thursday in comics shops and digital comics storefronts everywhere.

Click each page for a larger version.


Page 1

Pages 2-3

Page 4

Page 5


    Meh, the Detective Comics run has been dishwater dull compared to the brilliant working going on over at the Capullo drawn, Snyder written Batman book.

    When you've got a serial killer who cuts people up and sews them back together and your book is boring you have problems.

      With you completely on this - Snyder is excellent with the character, and I hope he stays onboard for quite some time. The Black Mirror was insanely excellent!

      Daniel, however, still kinda stinks as a writer. I just don't buy his Bat. His first issue in the run was pretty good, and I was quite excited, but the next three have been just dull. This one looks slightly better from the preview, so we'll see how we go, I guess.

      Tomasi's Batman and Robin hasn't been too bad either, and Williams' Batwoman is typically great.

    Batman and Robin has been great.
    Robin, Batmans own son, is a little evil psycho!

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