Check Out This Amazing Gears Of War Pistol Made Entirely Of Paper

Some time ago we shared the papercraft wonder that was Leo Firebrand's Fallout 3 homage: the laser pistol. Paper (and some papier-mâché for the gun handle) alone yielded a believable piece of the post-apocalypse.

Firebrand has taken his gun-smithing to another level with the Snub Pistol used by Gears of War's Marcus Fenix and his fellow comrades-in-arms. At his homepage, Firebrand describes the project as a labour of love and patience, as the inclusion of LEDs presented a distinct challenge. Housing these blue bulbs is, naturally, nothing but paper, paint, and some foam core for internal support.

Papercraft Snub Pistol [Firebrand Creations]


    AWESOME! how many origami folds was that?

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