Co-Op God Of War IV Rumoured For Late 2012

Co-Op God Of War IV Rumoured For Late 2012

An article in the January 2012 issue of UK magazine PSM3 suggests a fourth major instalment in the successful PlayStation-exclusive God Of War series is incoming later this year and will feature online co-op.

While the game’s development was revealed in 2011, the co-op bit is all-new. Supposedly, GoW IV will task players with breaking out of Hades; the two protagonists will be a dearly-departed Kratos and his equally undead brother, Deimos. PSM3 reports the information came to them via a reliable source.

If you haven’t played the F.E.A.R. games, then this paragraph is full of spoiler goodness. The premise brings to mind F.3.A.R‘s co-op mode, where one player controls the Point Man and the other gets all supernatural with the first game’s very dead antagonist Paxton Fettel. They’re brothers, too! But the similarities end there… at least until we hear word that Kratos has cashed in his Blades of Chaos for a pair of MP5s.

Co-op’s seen a resurgence of late, with Resistance 3, Dead Island, Gears Of War 3 and Portal 2 showing the game mode has its fans (me included). Let’s hope we hear more solid details soon.

Rumour: God of War IV to feature online co-op [VG247 via Sillegamer]


  • Never played God Of War, seen a lot of footage. Might have to pick up a PS3 they’re getting pretty cheap now.
    Hopefully they do a good job on this one.

    • You should definitely get them. I never played them until the PS3 re-release just prior to #3 and as soon as I played it, I realised just why so many games copied it

          • Perhaps I was being too subtle but my point is that God Of War is a derivative formula that takes ideas from far better franchises and touts them as groundbreaking. It would be all well and good if it did it exceptionally but the whole package just leaves me feeling bored and without control of the events occurring on-screen.

            That Pegasus part was replicated by Darksiders, you’re right. And it was one of the worst parts of the game. God of War is Playstation’s Call Of Duty if you ask me, critically acclaimed year in and year out with little evidence to support the claims.

          • Blizzard are masters of this, they are able to take a mechanic, polish it, make it fun, or at least addictive, and implement it almost flawlessly at least 80% of the time.

            But having said that, derivative ideas are so commonplace these days that developers tend to go to extremes to “innovate” the user experience, often to no avail. If the last great new user connection into a game to be utilised was (for the sake of my rambling argument….. self discussion? semi-coherent babbling?!) the refinement of the touch screen, then how long would you think it would take until they start running out of ways to say “Slide your finger here! yeeeees that’s the spot. NOW STAB! STAB ME WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! Critical hit ;)”
            My point is this, amongst all of this copying of gameplay mechanics that goes on, how often do you ever see anything completely new, and isn’t an old mechanic with one dial turned to 11? is it because maybe there just aren’t that many new ideas for gameplay mechanics? Is it limited by the hardware available to us, or by our own feeble imaginations?

          • It really comes down to money. It’s a safe bet to reuse mechanics, to remake movies, to re-release franchises in HD. It’s all about minimising cost and maximising profit.

            We need companies like Apple in the games industry, creating products and markets we didn’t even know we needed until they were there, not these weak-willed suits sitting around conference tables trying to work out exactly how many times a person will buy Final Fantasy III before they come to their senses.

            And you’re right, Blizzard have it down to an art. Theirs is an example of how to steal right. They take ideas that weren’t used to their full potential from everywhere and combine them with others to create truly compelling experiences.

            I don’t think this has ever been achieved with the God Of War franchise.

            But hey, like Call Of Duty, show me a future game in the franchise that isn’t a heartless cash cow and i’ll show you a happy customer; I’m not above being proven wrong.

  • Not going to judge this, as it has potential to be a good game, but I can’t help but feel that Kratos’ story has ended and they should move on.

    • Same here. I love God of War as much as anybody (except Sony’s accountants, it would seem), but the story is done. They should leave it alone and let Santa Monica try their hand at something different. This has the hallmarks of a game being made for the wrong reasons. I’m more than happy for them to prove me wrong by making something awesome, though.

  • It’s just like Halo now pretty much. We’re getting these unwanted sequels when they finished off the trilogies a while ago now.

  • How many times has Kratos broken out of Hades now? Once per game or something like that. I love the God of War games but it seems like they’re running out of ideas.

    I would have liked to see the next God of War game move away from Kratos and Greek mythology and explore some other mythologies, such as Egyptian or Norse.

    • This!

      In the main series, you visit and bust out of Hades each time, so it would be sad to see the main plot of a new game simply being to break out of Hades.

      Besides, why bust out of Hades only to visit a world that was basically fucked anyway.

  • i think GoW III should have been the end of the series, well Kratos anyway, the ending for it seems anti-climatic if he returns. Besides wouldn’t there be a problem with the plot now, since the underworld was burst open and Hades was killed, and well it’s a shitstorm 😛

  • You know Kratos’ story was finished when God of War 3 ended. If they wanna make another game make Deimos the main character and maybe show what he was doing during the time that Kratos was taking his dear sweet time taking his revenge on the Gods.

  • Deimos along with his actual brother Phobos are the sons of Ares in Greek mythology. There’s a way more interesting story to be told in these two hunting down Kratos for killing their dad and everyone else and kicking his dusty white arse.

  • i love GOW but ive seen so many franchises grow stale, there was some emergence of art i believe i while ago around GOW3’s release that showed a character who may have been Deimos for this title. But i hope not, 3’s ending was great it thats where they should leave it. I don’t think we need a new take on the series and if we did i don’t think co-op would cut it.

  • I saw this, got slightly excited … but then I remembered that the GoW series really can’t go much further, he’s already murdered everyone and their dog and that co-op really can’t add much to it

  • The God of War story wrapped up nicely in three. I hope they don’t let the franchise grow stale with needless sequels and prequels.

    Anyway I’ll wait and see how the game turns out before passing judgement.

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