Colourful Platformer ScaryGirl Arrives On XBLA

ScaryGirl, a few-years-old flash platformer based on Nathan Jurevicius's graphic novel, has been released on Xbox Live Arcade, with a PSN release scheduled for next week and a "coming soon" release date for PC.

As you can see in the trailer and screens above, it's looking mighty nice! The game's been given the old HD-treatment, which has done a lot to enhance the color-drenched art-style without removing an inch of the game's charm.

Players control the titular ScaryGirl, a freaky-yet-cute young girl who looks like a combination of a character from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice and a character from Neil Gaiman's Coraline. And if that combination doesn't have your interest piqued… maybe you haven't read/seen those two things?

I'm looking forward to playing this one. I've always wanted to see what ScaryGirl would look like in HD.

The game costs 1200 Microsoft points. The PlayStation 3 version will release next Tuesday, January 24th, and the PC release date is currently unannounced.


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