Come For SoulCalibur V's Story, Stay For The Screenshots

With 17 years separating SoulCalibur V from SoulCalibur IV, Project Soul has near two decades' worth of explaining to do. Could this be the most story-driven SoulCalibur yet?

I swear there's more plot and dialog going on in this short video than I recall seeing in any other game in the Soul series. Not that it really needs much of a story. They could just pull a Beyonder a'la Marvel Comics' Secret Wars and have some all-powerful being transport them all to a barren planet to randomly battle it out and I'd still buy it, if only to prove once again how badly I suck at fighting games.

For those of you that aren't in it for the story, perhaps you can be enticed with pictures of characters in dramatic poses?


    True to soulcalibur form, it has horrible english audio (^_^) however the game is looking pretty awesome

    Needs more cleavage.

    Eh as long as they keep putting mitsurugi in these games i'll keep buying them.

    Needs more sexy Voldo

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