Community Kudos

Community Kudos


It’s the last day of the Kotaku “holiday” period — as of next week every Kotaco will be back on board and working like the monkeys from Rise of the Planet of the Apes (we’ll even be wearing knitted jumpers (we’ll turn the air conditioning up real high (maybe we’ll scratch each other (maybe not)))). But just because we’ve been on partial holiday doesn’t mean the Kotaku community has, so I bring you this week’s Community Kudos!

Our first nom of the evening comes from Zap, who nominates Alex for his contribution to this comment thread. Zap’s reasoning is right here. If you can’t be bothered clicking through to the posts, Zap says that “he presented an (obviously) unpopular opinion and proceeded to expound on it in a mature manner, even in the face of massive immaturity and derailment.”

Personally, I think it’s fantastic that people notice the contributions of others in comment threads, and I definitely feel that those who approach discussions in a mature and thoughtful manner are crucial to maintaining a vibrant and respectful community. Props to you, Alex!

Next we have a nomination from Scree, who noms Jo for gifting her with a copy of Bastion. Scree doesn’t know the gender of Jo, so if someone could confirm it then that would be great. (Notice how I wrote that sentence so that the gender of Jo doesn’t need to be specified? Oh man, I sure am good at this! Scree also has additional noms:

For gifting me games I nominate NotoriousR (Mass effect 1 + 2) Bish (L4D2) Jo (Bastion, which I really wanted and almost bought during the sale)

For giving me advice on Shinrei shashin Blaghman NotoriousR (He suggested reddit but I’ve never used it) Bish NovaCascade Virus__

Scree has also notified us of the plight of a group of gamers who would like Nintendo to release certain games in Australia. Here are some links! Write letters to Nintendo / We want Fatal Frame / Operation Zero.

We received a big batch of noms from Oprah himself, Chuloopa! His nom came with the attached message that everyone receives a brand new car! His noms go as such (this is copied and pasted form his email):

1. Strange — Strange is just awesome. She has donated her $10 Ozgameshop voucher to the wonderful Tech Knight, meaning he gets twp, not just one, after he donated the single largest amount to the KKP.

2. Jo — Jo was sweet enough to gift me with a copy of Orcs Must Die yesterday — quite a surprise and so very very much appreciated.

3. Dr. WHAT?!?!? and Harli — These two were the biggest help behind the scenes of the KKP and my leaders for the Sydney leg of the KKP. They were like my golden ambassadors and both gave so much effort to make everything even bigger and better.

4. Everyone who contributed to the KKP.. so thats like… what? 50 people? Yeah that sounds good. Lets give 50 people Kudos (Editor’s note: No no no no no, this simply will not do! You cannot nominate 50 people! This is heresy!) Special mentions to Tech Knight and Welbot who contributed HUGE amounts because of their love of the community and the community’s love of them. Also Qumlys gets a special mention for going out of his way to contribute even though it may not have been in his best interest to do so. Such is the love of Kotaku.

Oh, that Chuloopa. This is a hand-knitted Cyndaquil that was sent to me as part of the KKP. It is the loveliest thing and I cannot thank Tech Knight and the wonderful community members enough for being so thoughtful. Image Today was also Elly’s first day back in office after going on holidays a month ago. Her presents were here waiting for her, and she made it her mission to unwrap everything before she’d even turned her computer on.

Back to kudos noms!

f4ction is nomination Mark for eating olives despite hating them. Some might suggest that Mr. Serrels is a brave more for attempting to conquer a food that he finds repulsive. Others might tell him to toughen up and lrn 2 luv oleeevs. A nom also goes to Harli “for reminding me of the existence of LAN cafes when I was going to tether my phone to play LoL.” Thank Harli sure is helpful! Helpful Harli is what we should start calling her!

Freeze S. Preston Icequire — long time reader, first time nommer — decided to hand out two noms. The first goes to Chuloopa for the Professor Genki code he gave Monsieur Icesquire, and also for being awesome in general. Batguy also gets a big nom (yes, noms come in different shapes and sizes, my friends) for his sending of SSFIV.

Shane (also known as Shane) has two noms:

1. Freeze S. Preston Icequire Has offered me all the extra limited edition content of Demon’s Souls (soundtrack, artbook, etc), because he noticed that I’ve gone a bit fanboy over the game in the last couple of weeks 2. Batguy Sent me De Blob 2, just in time for a protracted period of babysitting my wife has agreed to undertake. I’ll need to thoroughly roadtest it though, and make sure it’s absolutely suitable from beginning to end!

However, Shane wanted to make clear that the MAIN reason the gentlemen above received these noms is because of their cool usernames.

NovaCascade has sent in some noms for Shane, who has apparently been keeping everyone entertaining with his stories from his experience with Demon’s Souls. The tales can be found right here. He’s also nomming Bish for … err… implying that Kotaku is a satanic cult and that Mark is the ringleader? SOMEBODY FETCH THE OARS!

Goodness me, I am going to need to have another intermission. To break things up, here is a photo of Mark, Logan and I at our recent Kotaku Christmas party. Elly was too busy rolling around on the beach in WA to be there, so I made a sock puppet of her to stand in her place.

Community Kudos

OK, we are almost there! The lovely Strange has some honourable mentions to… err… mention. She will mention these mentions before making her noms. She is allowed to do this because she is Strange. Says she of the honourable mentions:

Firstly, JamesMacUsedMyHandle for not dying. As he is not dead I feel that is reward enough so he doesn’t need the top kudos prize, he just needs to know we’re glad he didn’t die and hope he is getting better.

And then we have the triumphant triumvirate of Bishy, Freeze S. Preston Icequire and Jo who all helped me immeasurably by reminding me how to get out of Blighttown in Dark Souls without having to hellishly backtrack all the way through it.

Thirdly I need to mention Blaghman for his epic tale of family holidaying. Oh, and he’s doing a blog now, everyone should read it before it disappears: .

And finally, we reach my nomination for who I think should win Kudos this week…Shane. His ongoing stories “The Million Deaths of the Soul Knight” have been the highlight of my week.

McGarnical is nomming NovaCascade for giving him a copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii. What a guy!

Jamesmacusedmyhandle is handing out noms to everyone who has been lovely to him, especially since he has been quite ill this week. He returns his love in the form of giving noms to Strange, Jimu, Notorious R, Pez, Rocktman, Effluvium Boy, Puppylicks, and Repneiras. “Jimu gets extra noms for hips that make Shakira look like a liar and a left toe that won’t quit.” Umm… what?

There’s also a shoutout for “the glorious return of our resident Knight Of The Realm Of Tech (Tech Knight)”.

Di11enger is the final of our nominators for today! His noms go to Chuloopa for his massive effort with the KKP, and to Tech “Techie” Knight for “coming back to TAY and keeping it sexy”.

Oh man, that took forever. I hope everyone feels a little bit warm and fuzzy from all the love has been shared. Thank you everyone for sending in your nominations, but there can only be as many winners as I decide (lol), and today I have decided that there are two winners!

First, I don’t think anyone can go past Oprah Winfrey. I mean, Chuloopa. The amount of effort you’ve put into organising prizes and gifts for this community has been absolutely phenomenal. I can’t believe you’ve done what you’ve done and we are so fortunate to have you as part of the Kotaku community. Don’t ever go anywhere else or we will hunt you down and release the oars. The second kudos goes to Tech Knight! After a hiatus from TAY, we’re all so glad to see that he has returned and making such valuable contributions to the community. Also, the Cyndaquil kicks arse, although I swear I am not biased.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  • Congrats every one! Plus photographic proof of Mark, Tracey and Logan all in the same place, debunking my multiple personalities theory!

    • They have to each be their own person…

      Look how each of them have their knife and fork after they are finished… Clearly only Mark has the correct table manners of a classy restaurant 😛

  • Looprah Winfrey strikes again! 😀

    Even though you didn’t win Kudos, Shane thank-you for making my week enjoyable and giving me something to look forward to.

    Oh, and that Bishy conversation about the cult? I almost pressed the ‘Report’ button on it to make sure the powers that be got to notice it, it was great!

    • Oh, and I’m having great troubles with my reading comprehension today(damn you, old age! *shakes fist*), Techy won too!
      Congrats and welcome back, Tech Knight!

    • *gasp* I think it is!
      That’s a crime in some parts, Mr. Serrels! And you can’t even argue you were saving it until last because your eating utensils were placed neatly in the “I’m finished, you may now remove this plate” position.

  • Yay for Tech Knight’s return! Yay for Loops continuing to be awesome! I suppose I should’ve nommed Effluvium boy for his rather awesome entrance in TAY (back on page 12 or 13 or something).

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a nap. Because I can.

  • Well done guys. Hmmm, I’m starting to wonder whether this whole KKP thing was Chuloopa’s dastardly scheme to corner Community Kudos… *

    I’m glad that the people who nominated me are happy with their games, but I seriously don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the other people who have given stuff away up there – I was just cleaning out my shelves!

    Also, I’ve posted this in several places already but re: Mark and olives, this comic blew my mind: . So coincidental that I swear that the author must be reading this site.

    *I promise I don’t really think this.

    • It may be just cleaning out your shelves to you but to those of us you “dumped your crap onto” it means a game that we otherwise were not going to be able to get.

      So take your praise. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!


    ‘Grats, y’all! Hats off to Loops and Techy!
    It’s almost sickening how many noms are flying about the place!
    Makes it feel like there’s actually blood pumping through my black, shrivelled heart!

  • hahaha thank you so much guys – but i won kudos for the KKP already just before x-mas
    It’s really not fair on the others that i keep taking kudos for an ongoing thing.

    I am REALLY honored (like really, really) – but can i give my Kudos to Shane this week?

    His stories kept me oh so entertained this boring work week. he’s sooo tallented and dreamy!

    I have 2 kudos’ already in the backlog, and another comp i won just before xmas.. i really just don’;t feel it’s fair.
    Pretty please?

    Thank you again, so so much – i’m all a fluster 🙂

  • Congrats to two highly desrving weiners!!! Jo is definitely a dude, and an extremely nice and helpful one at that. (Sent my noms early today mate, next week!!)
    Me thinks Techy’s looping blushing protocols might cause a system melt down. 🙂

  • Wow that was a lot of noms this week! And yet it felt much quieter around here than any other week.

    Congrats guys!

    I want that Cyndaquil.

    • I may have prettied it up a bit…
      And get a gravatar you slacker or I’m going to assign you one!! 😉

  • Wow what a way to begin 2012. So many noms sent out! Unfortunately I ended up forgetting about sending in my noms for Loops, Strange and Hugo for their lovely gifts, I really am touched lady and gentlemen thank you so much!

    Also I only just managed to cool down enough to reboot successfully after all that blushing (Jamesmacusedmyhandle knows me too well now :P) . From the bottom of my power supply, thank you so much to everyone for welcoming me back with open arms. I hope 2012 will be a great year for all of us! 🙂

  • Congrats to Loops and Techy. Definitely well deserved. Also thanks to McGarnical but you really didn’t have to nom me two weeks in a row for the same thing 🙂

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